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ComiPO Ver.2 is now available in English (aka the rest of the World)… so uh, has it become a really good software or…

November 16, 2014


OK, it’s been a while since I blogged about anything but let’s start with the recent news that is relevant to uh… me…


First, let’s talk about ComiPO! For those who don’t know what ComiPO is… it’s this software from Japan where you can make Comics/Manga even if you cannot draw. I reviewed it quite a while back in this blog post… Yes, click here…. trust me it’s safe. It’s actually a really fun software to use. So fun that i even made an OELVN using it.


Click here to read more about “Hammer Visual Novel” – Studio Mugenjohncel Entry for NaNoRenO 2014

Anyway, back to ComiPO… version 2 of ComiPO is now available in English. In layman terms, new features are now included in the program that has been available for Japanese users a LONG time ago (…fuck you guys)

But let’s talk about the new features… nah, scratch that… let’s take about “SOME” of the new features that are readily can be felt like… head size that can be editable…

So what are the implications of this new features? Well… you can now make your character look older by reducing the size of the head or in the extreme end of the spectrum, make a retard looking cute chibi by enlarging it…

I'll leave the dialogue to your imagination...

I’ll leave the dialogue to your imagination…

Still, there is no way you can edit the pose (unless you use a freaking hex editor which I will not discuss here) but that’s understandable since ComiPO is optimized for layman people like me who are too lazy to figure out complex GUI much less the patience to draw… but on the bright side, there are a couple of new poses here and there… though I can’t seem to tell which one is which but what the heck.

Also, they have released numerous expansion packs to increase the diversity of characters (buy them here) you can mess, toy, play, humiliate, sexually harass use in your Comic in ComiPO. But you know what’s unfair!?… the 140 props and scenes package which I paid for is now FUCKING HAPPILY included with the new ComiPO update free of charge!!!

Can you believe I paid for this shit and now it's fucking FREE!?

Can you believe I paid for this shit and now it’s fucking FREE!?

Of course being the idiot I am, I still bite it and see what the new package has to offer… and BOY what an expansion pack! It’s something I’ve been secretly wishing for a long LONG time… a fat middle aged body type character… perfect for sexual harassment office scenes.


Do I hate ComiPO?… Of course not! on the contrary, I freaking love it! It’s so exploitable. many fun nights have been had because of this software and I am fully aware of what it’s intended to do, what it can do and it’s limitations. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it! But I like it so I buy it anyway and I also recommend you buy it too if you are interested in making comics/manga the lazy way. you can also use ComiPO to prototype or just as it is to make an OELVN (aka EVN or Visual Novels) it’s not it’s intended purpose but it can handle the task very VERY well…


OK so I, personally don’t have much use for this thing, then again I am UNCLE MUGEN and it is mandatory that I exploit things one way or another that will satisfy the evil me… so what did I do with this new found weapon?… Do an inappropriate COMIPO BLOWJOB SCENE of course!!!

ComiPO Blowjob dot jpeg

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew this day would finally… COME!!!


DAMMIT COMRADZ! Why didn’t you have the Medieval set available yet in your store!?… Even Steam which I wouldn’t even want to touch with a stick had them already…

That’s all for now :)

“POOF” (Disappears)


Nekomimi Macho – An Uncle Mugen Fandub of Tsukiyomi (Moon Phase) OP

July 14, 2014


Because some people just want to watch the world burn… BWAHAHAHA!!!

Click here to watch video on YouTube

OK it’s actually a byproduct of insomnia and I cannot sleep until I did something outrageous and this was the first thing that came to my mind. Once I have a firm grasp of what I needed to have and do to accomplish this, I latched on to it and never let go until I’m done…


Thanks to the following for the encouragement:

And to the person who provided the Voiceless audio-track:




学校ジム Basketball / Multi Purpose Gym Building – Extreme High Detail Ver. 2

March 16, 2014

UNCLE MUGEN says YES!!! (And here I go with my horrible English!)


Before we start let me post this NOT SO NICE image to remind everyone that 3D warehouse is starting to phase out the old Sketchup which I am so reluctant to upgrade because I have old Free and Paid plugins that doesn’t work with new Sketchup… so there… now on to the main dish!

I have something really nice for today! I am so happy and proud of it that I cannot type in proper English but enough of that for now. Anyways, remember “THIS” sketchup model of School/Basketball Gym?… of course not… What I have here is an updated model of that previous model it has more details now but first let’s look at the difference between the old school gym and the new school gym…


Old and New Gym side by side (front)


Old and New Gym side by side (side)

The new school gym (right) is considerably larger than the previous old gym (left)


ZOMG! is so nice and detail! I like it!

As I have said earlier, it has more delicious details now as seen in this cutaway.


The old stairs


The new and much better stairs

And when I said, it is more detailed, I really mean it is more detailed. Just check the difference between the stairs posted above… DELICIOUS!


Old and tired


New and… I’m tired

Even the joists are not spared! It has more polygons now to slow down certain machines.


And much better here is current floor plan of the Sketchup model in case you are wondering.

Still not enough to convince you to download this model?… let UNCLE MUGEN tease you with very nice (but highly inaccurate) renders…


Bah! I suck at materials


Nice exterior detail… too bad I botched the lighting


Lighting is still… meh


You know, something tells me I screwed up the reflection…


At this point I give up!


Screw everything! HELLO GLOBAL WARMING!!!

OK that was fun… Anyway’s same with previous resources. This is free for use for whatever purpose it may serve you best. Modifications are OK and highly encouraged.. It doesn’t even have to be OELVN related. Even OK for commercial purpose.

You can download it “HERE” in Sketchup 3D warehouse.

Also nice thing about it is now the new 3D warehouse, you can navigate around in the model in 3D… REAL TIME! NICE!!!

To see more of UNCLE MUGEN’s Failed Experiments Dump FREE OELVN RESOURCES… just come here in THIS THREAD in LEMMASOFT and help yourself!


Probably a pointless post but yes… UNCLE MUGEN goes back to basics… Vanishing Point

February 25, 2014


As the title says… ever since I’ve focused more on 3D and Sketchup, my drawing skills have been dulled lately… so not really an OELVN post but more of me trying to sharpen some skillset that has dulled lately… so dull that I actually resorted to physically draw Vanishing Points just to make my drawing somewhat proportioned… a very clear indication that I badly needed to practice…



So here I start with the usual naked and bald body sketch taking into account the existing vanishing points.



And we draw over is some rough detailing…


Afterwards, we discard the previous rough lines and draw much nicer thinner lines over the rough detailing.


Repeat the process above but this time with an even thinner brush…


Add color and I’m done! Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes… not bad but still worrisome because I used to do just fine without even drawing the vanishing points… clearly, I must doodle some more :)


“POOF” (Disappears)



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