A night with American

November 23, 2009

Time to break my silence… I’ve been secretly working on a small project (which is technically complete already) and it is called…

Here it goes…

Once upon a time, there was a handsome long haired guy on his way to OBEERTIME (A beerhouse) to drink booze stumbled upon this… American guy who is currently lost and had no idea where he was and how to get back and asking for help.

Fortunate for the American, the long haired guy can understand english… barely. Join Mr. Long Haired Guy (who is not really familiar with Makati City himself) as we go around Makati City in the middle of the night while helping Mr. American find his way home using only a bunch of not so helpful hints.

This game is (again) technically “complete” just testing to see if we missed anything and see if there is still room for improvement. Release date is most likely within this month.

Here are a couple of screenshots…

Look forward to it…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. great game “feels like /jp/ in here” <<LOL

  3. Wow, another awesome game by mugenjohncel!
    It must be translated.

  4. “feels like /jp/ in here” << That is just so amazing hahahaha

  5. You have so much wasted potential…

    You need to work with me on a game. Haha. Maybe we should consider forces and make our own mini-VN studio. “Chermugen Studies” or something.

  6. Dang…Looks interesting
    Hurry the hell up, Mugen 😉

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