A bunch of Excuses and a story about Angela Building and an American guy named Fred Stepanich

January 6, 2010

OK… so I have this tiny (almost) finished project called “A Night with American”and you might be wondering why the hell am I taking too long to release it. Now this post might not be related to VN entirely but hey… stay awhile and listen a bit to my excuse…

So the project is complete, with graphics (using photographs of the actual locations) and everything but I wanted to try something new… voice acting. You see, the project was based on a true story (read: my story) about a certain long haired guy who stumbled on a confused and very much lost American who pleaded for help, which I did seeing how desperate the guy was. What really made this encounter unique and interesting is he doesn’t even have a clue where he is, nor does he carry a cellphone, he forgot his wallet containing the address of his girlfriend where he was staying… the only hints I got were A large Hall like structure, A large Gym like building nearby, Stadium like built, A-79? and finally… after several hours a hexagonal structure which finally narrowed down everything and got him home safely. After that, he ordered Pizza Hut, we had this sort of mini feast, he even tried to give me money which I declined and instead told him I did it for Lulz and it was the right thing (Yeah! I finally did a good deed and act very cool in front of his girlfriend and the rest of her family… really, that moment is priceless)

After a few days I contacted him and asked if I could make a VN out of our encounter. He asked what is a VN. Not prepared to answer the question, I just made up some BS and said… it’s a short novel in digital format (which is partially accurate)… so he said OK and then this project got finished.

Of course, there’s no way I’m gonna show this to him let alone ask him to do voice acting since the story has my POV (point of View) and there were times that my nerves are being tested to the limits… I mean, why the fuck am I wasting my time helping this dude who constantly yiffs and barks at how the locals (meaning us) can’t speak English properly and kept pointing him everywhere and other &^#%$!!!… I ain’t gonna get anything in return out of this… why the fuck should I subject myself to his verbal abuse!?… I even considered ditching this guy, leave him and run away like hell for like 5 times… but reason got the better of me… I mean… if I were on his shoes, I’d probably panic like him… and yes,  all of this was written and present in the VN.

So for the voice acting part, I decided to ask for assistance from a friend and a native English speaker named Fred Stepanich, an American living in Angela-I in Malate, Manila.

I’ve known Mr. Fred for quite a long time now and quite possibly one of the few people I know in real life whom I could speak openly about my unusual (and sometimes goofy) exploits, unusual habits and mis-adventures. It was fun talking with him. Sure he talks about the good old days once in a while just like any old guy on his age but it sure gave me a rare glimpse on “The American Way of Life” something a guy like me can only guess or read in books or seen in movies. Some of the interesting things I learned from him are like how he gathered skunks, how school was different back then compared to the current ones, their farm, how Ice-Cream was a sort of luxury back then, their old Ford car, the time when he went high school in neodesha and other tidbits of info accompanied by old well preserved pictures (some, I even restored personally) but one thing kept bothering me… how the hell can he withstood such boredom during his younger years when there was no Internet, mobile phones, or TV (well… there is TV back then but it was still sort of expensive luxury)…

Every-time we had a conversation or a chance to see each other we follow a certain pattern… we greet, we ask how we’ve been, what’s new, a bit more chatting, nostalgia and me trying to cheer him up (read: coerce) to watch porn. So far, I haven’t succeed (Oh no! I don’t give up so easily so I’ll just keep on trying)

For 16+ years he was staying on what most real-estate developers call “prime-property”… I mean he’s got an elevator (which doesn’t work), a large creepy mirror in the hall, smack in the middle of a business district, nightclubs on every corner, a nice view of the Manila Bay on one side and a balcony where umm… you could see other peoples roofs. Angela I was also a sort of “heritage site”. Built during the ’30s… not only the building withstood WW2 bombings, it also outlasted every deco type building in existence in Manila… that is, until recently.

So let’s summarize thing up. Original owner kicked the bucket but forgot to leave a memo to a bunch of greedy heirs regarding who gets what, now scavenging for whatever they could scrape until one of them declared “FUCK ALL OF YOU! THIS BUILDING IS MINE! ALL MINE ALONE!” shitfest ensued and poor old Mr. Fred got caught in the middle of the crossfire.

I don’t think I can fathom how stressful it is for an old guy like Fred but the effects were quite apparent. He’s a lot thinner now and quite possibly weaker. As for the building itself, the front doorway is now covered with this huge ugly banner saying “RESTORATION PROJECT” and other BS. Guards were posted everywhere making it difficult for me to go in or out, same goes with Mr. Fred… sure he can go in and out without restrictions but the same can’t be said with his belongings. And you know what’s worse?… the motherfuckers are tearing up the building one room at a time… WITH MR. FRED still PRESENTLY OCCUPYING the place. When I went there I was partially horrified… I barely recognize the place since the last time I went there… I mean, half of the building… the lower half believe it or not… is GONE and is supported only by several pillars (isn’t that kinda umm… dangerous?)

Of course, knowing his current situation, I don’t think I could ask him to do Voice Acting… unfortunately, moving his things and stuff to his new place is the only way I could think I could help Mr. Fred.

Anyway… in worse case scenario… I’ll have to ditch voice acting or ask someone else.

Hang in there Mr. Fred!… I have a large collection of porn I wanted to show you… you’ll never know what you’re missing…

In case you’re curious and wanted to know more about Angela-I Building… click here.



  1. Holy shit, Mugen.

    I retweeted this, but I honestly have no words. Not in a good or a bad way, just kind of stunned.

  2. You really can’t speak English properly, though.
    “A night with American” www

  3. I’m wondering, how’s Mr. Fred Stepanich doing nowadays?

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