A Tiny Update on Sprites for flagship project Heavy Metal Girl MAdonna

January 7, 2010

I finally got some free time… 5 hours of solid uninterrupted free time to sit and work on my flagship project Heavy Metal Girl Madonna.

Decided to replace all the original sprites of main character Madonna with new and improved sprites. Decided to stick with 2 to 3 shading to make things faster.

Here is a sample of newer sprites

…and the older sprites for comparison

Updating sprites for Uncle Pacundo, Uncle Fetus and Papa Brutus is next in agenda.

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Just incredible.

  2. Maybe it’s Controlled Chaos: Second Origins (awaiting post-2013 for whatever remains of the Nexiiverse doujin circle) and using shoulders-up sprites, but the other ones look more personal.

    A straight frontal view, especially a stiff one with the arms down like that, is very bland and impersonal. Half of Tiesa’s personality came from the way she talks with her hands in a very plain and clear manner…

  3. I agree with Jinzou, especially considering that, leaving aside the pose, the rest of the sprite is adorable.
    I really like this clean style, and her petite body is very well proportioned to make her look cute and adorable and OMGISOWANNADRAWFANARTSSHE’SSOCUTE! ;D;

  4. I actually like the new sprites more. They’re cleaner and the proportions are a little better. Night version is nice.

  5. +1 for the new sprites. I completely agree with sake-bento.

    ❤ the CGing. So much.

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