Going 3D Pig Disgusting on BG-CG’s for OELVN’s

February 2, 2010

After putting much thought I finally decided…

It’s official… I’m going 3D from now on for my future OELVN projects…

Well… for BG-CG’s anyway. Let’s see, I know 3D rendered backgrounds can’t compete with manual labor of love that is Beautiful Handrawn BG-CG’s but you also can’t deny the advantages and convenience of Pig-Disgusting 3D Rendered BG-CG’s. First and probably the most obvious advantage is it’s reusability… meaning you can use the same resource over and over again saving time and effort. Aonther advantage is you could pick EXACTLY the spot you wanted to appear or rather you can move freely until you find that beautiful perfect spot. And another distinct advantage of 3D over traditional 2D is that you could choose your light setting with a few slider adjustments. You could have a day scene and a night scene without much of an effort.

Now, 3D has this very steep learning curve but I believe once I overcome that thing I’ll be a GOD! As they say in 3D… “Learn to crawl before you run”… I’m totally fine with that except I no longer have the luxury of free time and I want instant gratification… the very reason why I decided to go 3D in the first place. I wanted to continue this very fun hobby but I do not want it to eat up much of my time and my time is very precious… something I don’t always have enough.

Enter Google SketchUp… It’s a no nonsense 3D program that let’s you create 3D objects pronto! Sure, there is still this initial learning curve but this one is way easier for beginners compared to other 3D programs… it’s like I’m on training wheels. So I was up and running in a few minutes and and made my first little house after a few hours… it’s that easy. And what’s more… it’s FREE!!! Yes it’s free, no charge at all… or so I thought.

Yes the FREE version does have one huge disadvantage. It can’t export to other formats meaning what you made in SketchUp stays in Sketchup and that’s quite a problem. Google SketchUp doesn’t have a decent renderer. Wait!?… Renderer?… WTF is a renderer!?…

In layman’s terms. A renderer is something that makes your 3D creations Photo Realistic. The renderer calculates the light coming from light sources, how it behaves once it hits and reflects on surfaces and materials and displays them on your screen for your viewing pleasure.

And at $495.00 for Google SketchUp Pro… it really isn’t that cheap…

So I was all gloomy and lost until a friend recommended me the Free IDX Renditioner for Google SketchUp. So I now have a decent renderer that I could use on Google SketchUp Free Version… oh yes! It is very good in rendering. Very easy to use. It is making so much plenty beautiful images but only 640×480 pixels!?… It is too small!… I can’t use this!!! why is that!?…

It seems Free IDX Renditioner has a pro version. Free one can do exactly what Pro can do except produce very large images… fuck! Now I have no choice but to pay up right?…

Let’s see

Google SketchUp Pro
$495.00 (Php 22,969.66)

IDX Renditioner
$199.95 (Php 9,278.35)

OK… $199.95 is a LOT of cash where I came from, enough to buy a full size fridge (remember… this is just a hobby, not something for sale) …but still cheaper compared to $495 for Google SketchUp Pro so with much hesitation, I decided to purchase the IDX Renditioner.

So I said to myself…”This better be good…” And yes it is good… Now I am (trying) to figure how to make 3D images I produce look like 2D… and that’s another story…

Google SketchUp free can be found here

You can get the free IDX Renderer here

To be continued…



  1. Good move, Mugen :3

    when I got my Flyable Heart visual book, I noticed that all (if not almost all) the backgrounds used for the game are 3D renders with a degree of painting retouch, and they look quite good, actually.

    So I say go for it!

    Me, I’m a failure at rendering, so when I need something like that, I just make the room/place/whatever, screen-capture it and then trace/draw and color on top “Orz

  2. So cool, you’re also experimenting, your motivation is always quite inspiring!

    Good luck with your 3D learning! The things you posted here are already quite interesting. :3

  3. If this process works prepare for a big shock(like wasting allot of dough)
    Gonna test it myself and see if it works

  4. Actually its worse as google sketchup 7 has .dae directly
    So your’e one click away to importing in blender
    but heres something to cheer you up http://maximecurioni.com/gsoc2008/

    • I tried but for some odd reason some objects (components) end up being blown up, distorted and sometimes missing. Guess I’m stuck with Sketchup unless I purchase that ultra expensive pro version… oh well ;_;

      Thanks anyway…

  5. try this renderer http://www.kerkythea.net

    its free(not trial)

    • Ouch!… Why didn’t I learn of this earlier before I purchased that renderer…

      Thanks for the link…

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