Going 3D Pig Disgusting on BG-CG’s for OELVN’s… Part 2

February 20, 2010

Believe it or not, this delicious CG image you see above is all full 3D (No Photoshop whatsoever… really) This is the result of my week long hiatus from Lemmasoft Forums and use that time to familiarize myself with Google Sketchup and that renderer I purchased recently… yes it’s 3D… My main objective is to use 3D to speed up BG CG production for OELVN’s (or Visual Novels), make it look like it was deliciously drawn by an artist and make the resource reusable.

Of course, every 3D starts ugly with wires… I don’t like it but for the sake of maintaining this hobby even though I no longer have much free time… I must find ways to save time and speed up production of assets like CG’s.

OK once you got your tiny scene all put in place… time to find that perfect “spot”…

Yes, this is where 3D > 2D… you get to “choose” your view.

Another obvious advantage of 3D is it’s re-usability and flexibility. Like if I wanted to put a bus… I could just drag and drop it and “BAM!” instant bus!…

You can even have odd things like this, position them precisely where you wanted them and remove them with ease.

Of course, there is this very high initial learning curve that must be overcome. Like in this example. I didn’t know how render works properly so everything looked kinda dark, dull and flat once the render is finished… it seems in order for the renderer to function properly you’ll have to “dictate” the properties of every surface in your scene… like make the windows reflect x amount of light, make brick this rough and make it protrude this much and so forth to make light more accurate… oh well…

Guess I still have a long way to go eh?…

“POOF” (Disappears)

(In case you’re wondering about the nice reflection present in the window on the first image of this post… I kinda cheated a bit, the reflection in the front windows are actually “painted” in the texture meaning the texture and the reflection is just one texture. The anime styled trees can be accomplished by viewing this tutorial. The hazy part was accomplished by making a very thin fog)




  1. cool! 😀 *thumbs up*
    I think the trees are a tad too saturated, though. try giving them a more blue-ish hue on the darker leaves and make the bark more brown and less shiny yellow-ochre

    • Copied… Thanks for the tip Deji!…

  2. Hey I tried doing this 3D stuff, I feel like an architect while doing this. But sadly I need a city in my VN so having to do the 3D of all the objects in there would take sometime, Even a single detailed house (inside and out) would take months to finish. *salutes* good luck with all the 3d stuff…I’ll stick to traditional for a while. Hope to see one of your game with BG’s that are made 3D

  3. I actually thought it was 3D when I first saw it and not as hand drawn. But as you said, time is a constant enemy. It’s not so bad though~

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