From troll project to serious business… Heavy Metal Girl – Madonna (Episode 1-Humble Origin) and other side benefits that I got and things I learned while doing this project. And thank you /jp/ archive easymodo for all the hardwork you have done… and SHIT! SO CASH!!!

April 23, 2010


May 28, 2009 – 05:28:43
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This thing… this whole thing Heavy Metal Girl Madonna Project started when I made that innocent post with trolling as my initial intention. During those times /jp/… a peaceful place in 4chan where /g/entlemen gather and discuss Japanese related things in civilized manner is constantly being bombarded by spammers from KS forums advertising their VN on 4chan (good thing the archives exist).

OK… So it’s like this particular anon posted a page from a very old Raita sketches featuring tin can girls got my attention and as I look around at the current state of /jp/ being spammed left and right by KS during those times made me think and said to myself what if… I make my own goddamn VN based on another one of Raita’s sketches to piss those KS spammers since I know this will hurt their inflated egos… which seemed to be a good idea at that time. I get to troll and slight payback for Delta banning me from KS forums (I feel very betrayed during those times) ;_;

So copying a page from KS. I too spammed /jp/ in hopes of gathering momentum, attention, fame and… to inflate my ego (more on that later). Under normal circumstances, this would have worked but I made one crucial mistake. Perhaps due to pride, I spammed and attentionwhored my project while using my unique tripcode. Bad idea! Here’s why…

I started channing (going to 4chan) since early 2006 and during those times I was very obsessed with Guro during those times that I post enough images to max-fill a whole thread in /c/ (Cute/Girls) with images depicting cute/beautiful women that are either dead, dying, bleeding, hanged, burned and other painfully similar situations accompanied by bad writing and I’m doing that almost on a daily basis not just on /c/ but later on /jp/ too thus earning my notoriety… and I was very recognizable because… I always post with my unique tripcode.

(Click here to see for yourself)
There’s more of that…

So my perfect plan is not so perfect afterall. Because not only I’m attentionwhoring, I’m attentionwhoring using a very unique and very identifiable and very well known tripcode that is associated with general shitposting and guro spamming and I get to be on the receiving end of anon’s (or maybe single samefagging anon’s)  wrath in more than one occasion. On the other hand, KS are spamming anonymously making it slightly difficult to know weather it was one of the devs or their henchman from the forums or a troll or a legitimate fan. That plus a diverse group consisting of people with different connections and promotional infrastructure like a blog, a freely hosted forum complete with henchmen, a website, a bunch of artists and writers churning trolling material for advertising purposes.

So this prompted me to do something about this deficit (is that the right English word?… I dunno) and learn. I don’t know how to do a website? No problem!… I studied and brought books and hired a partime IT to handle my first 3 websites (all non VN related though) and see how it’s done first hand and learn along the way. Though I still am having difficulty understanding CSS, I can now write simple websites and put nice graphics into it which I put to use in my business related site. A blog? No problem… I read a couple of online tutorials and asked a friend to help me set up this blog and teach me how to blog… now, I have Studio Mugenjohncel. I am now blogging like the rest of young people nowadays (and receive a bunch of spam to make things exciting). Delta is a good programmer not just Renpy but in general and I am not… it is very unrealistic goal to try and match Delta in this field who is probably been doing that for a long time so I instead did something underhanded and go with the copy, steal and paste your code approach and find shortcuts… anything to get the job done.

But what I only recently realized is that without realizing it myself… I’ve upgraded my skill-set. I now know things and skills I couldn’t even imagine I’d have a year ago… I mean, I have a stable source of income. Heck! I don’t even need to move a finger and money will still keep flowing towards me so why should I give a damn about Katawa Shoujo or OELVN or 4chan or /jp/ or the General VN scene!?… but you know what?… Envy is a powerful motivating force. It goes against all common sense and better judgment and will make you do things you’d otherwise not under normal brain activity. It’s simple if you think about it… 4 leaf studios have it and I don’t. Associating with 4chan is a wise move on their part to promote well… anything. They succeeded, I don’t but I learned from it… and not only learn from it… I’m gonna profit from it!…

So fast forward today almost one year since that post. Using pages from KS strategies. I modified it to suit my needs and my new targets. Instead of spamming and trolling 4chan, I spammed mailboxes and troll people (and potential customers) using unorthodox (sometimes annoying) methods of advertising to promote my newly re-established advertising agency and sometimes selectively targeting people, businesses and other establishments that has the potential to spread the word. Ren’py? I’m no expert Ren’py coder nor a decent programmer but using copy, steal and paste codes (with a little help from Renpytom from time to time… apologies for disturbing) I have created a set of stable, reliable and reusable templates suitable for product promotions, presentations, tutorials, reviewers, tests and other stuff not normally done in powerpoint and demand is growing… fast with inquiries increasing, enough to divert one of my employees into a sort of Ren’py slave.

So in the end… I didn’t actually get to accomplish what I originally intend to do. My project is still unfinished (though I still am very active in the OELVN scene by contributing and teaming up with other teams and finished a few projects here and there… including some under different alliases) I’m still not famous in the OELVN scene (;_;). 4chan /jp/ still hates me (lol) but you know what… FEELS GOOD MAN! I mean, I still get something good out of all this which well… makes me feel proud I still accomplished something which in turn inflates my ego which is what this is all about in the first place. Feeling Good!… and once I accepted this truth… it makes things a lot more easier for me now… Now, I no longer feel pressured. I can finally and honestly say to others with a straight face “Hi! I’m Mugenjohncel and I’m gonna offer you my services. I could do BG-CG’s, do pretty GUI graphics even do Voice Acting if you want all for the sake of inflating my ego, bragging rights and simply for fun. In return, I promise to you we’ll get the job done and you and me and the rest of the team will become the king of the world! -INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE- “

Perhaps, it’s time to do some serious OELVN related thing… like, finish this project… OK people, you can bite me now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Just to clear up the obvious: KS devs never spammed /jp/. It was all a big in-joke.

  2. Damn right. About time someone said something about those KS shitcunts! You really are one of us brother! Be warned, KS devs are very vindictive bunch of goons.

  3. You have made your ego your master and are no longer in control.

    Egos shrink and swell, and as yours does you will force yourself to make impulsive, unwise decisions that are contrary to your own understanding.

    Master yourself and not your ego, because your ego will betray you.

    …How was that Johan? I’m new to this ominous monologue thing.

    Kudos to gaining a new skill set.

    • Did you just called me Johan?… How in the world did you!?…… never mind… I think you’re someone I personally know in real life… Lol!

      Anyway, don’t say that. True, ego “can” and “will” betray you that is “if” you allow it.

  4. but where is the Shameimaru-tank getting killed by an IED in color?

  5. Mugen, come on, dude, cheer up! ^_^ You are doing everything right. More than that, you are doing everything from the bottom of your heart – that’s why we, Russian VN scene, love you. No, seriously.

    P.S. I think KS and it’s devs are piece of poop. Nope, I’ve learned it long ago personally, when tried to get support for the forthcoming Russian translation (which now will NEVER happen).

    • Thanks man…

      That nearly charged my motivation back… Time to get back into the groove!!!…

  6. I feel a lot more folks require to read this, very great info.

  7. Lol. Keep it real man.

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