Dammit!… The first time I finally had the urge to buy a Nendroid… I instead got this not-so-awful BOOTLEG from Comic Alley.

July 9, 2010

Ever since I first got addicted to Figmas, I always get them from GreatToysOnline.com… a reliable (but slightly costly) retailer of Anime related merchandises. They have a good and solid track record for selling only originals. That is until I got tempted when I accidentally saw a box of Nendoroid displayed at Comic Alley (fuck you guys!… there is no words that can convey my disgust and hatred towards you!). At this point, I have never bought a Nendoroid before and I always wanted to try one. I was like “wow” when I saw their price… it’s 1/3 lower than what GreatToysOnline.com offers. Enticed by their sweet words assuring me it’s original… I brought one.

I was feeling like a winner until I showed it to one of my acquaintances and pointed out to me that they’re fakes…THE FUCK!?…

He burst into laughter when I told him I got it from Comic Alley. He gave me this strange, almost sorry look and pat me in the shoulders and lectured me on why I should not buy from Comic Alley… according to him, Comic Alley is now the largest distributor of fake (bootleg) anime merchandise in  the Philippines. After that 15 minute lecture. I feel very cheated…

So there you have it… lesson learned… I’m no longer gonna buy ANYTHING from Comic Alley and will research thoroughly before making any purchases…

Oh in case you’re wondering what happened to the bootleg nendoroid… well, disregarding the fact that it’s a bootleg… it’s very well made and damn!… it’s so cute, I can’t bring myself to smash it to pieces or run over my car over it or throw it from a high place or tie up firecrackers around it and blow it up to bits… instead, I took it out with me for a pasta…

FUCK YOU COMIC ALLEY!!!…  For selling me this cute piece of worthless trash!!!



  1. If it’s actually well-made, it’s not exactly worthless, just worth LESS.

    Although I’m quite surprised it’s well-made if it’s bootleg. I own a bootleg toy (I knew that it was when I bought it) and it’s *awful*…. badly painted and made of brittle plastic that cracks incredibly easily.

  2. Aww but she’s adorable!!! If you buy a real one can I has her? :3

  3. Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. On the bright side, you know better now, and at least you didn’t get one of those really expensive ones.

  4. I think you are too picky about the toys. It’s actually [b]really[/b] well-made one, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to buy one with better quality here, in Russia.

  5. I hate to say this mate, but the Hatsune Miku nendoroid, despite having a record 3 production runs, is definitely something you won’t find anywhere. Why? Them 11’s fucking took them all, that’s why.

    The rule of thumb for this is that; If a store in the west / any major online retailer carries it, it is a fake.

    No exceptions.

    Literally everything else in the store’s stock could be real, and this would be the one item that isn’t.

    That said, look on Japanese forums if you are familiar with the moon runes. There are people residing in Japan (or even out West) who have multiples still-in-box in their private collection. These people (like a friend of mine) ordered craptonnes when it was released for each run, and despite being assholes they are your best bet. It’ll cost you an arm and a leg by the time you finally track one down, but it’ll be worth it.

  6. Yeah, people at Comic Alley would always try to sell you their stuff.
    They’ll tell you stuffs like “That’s authentic” or “That’s the last one/ last set”
    which, if mixed with your excitement from seeing a figure that caught your interest would sort of put you under a spell and make you buy the item.
    It worked on me… once. 😀
    But once is the only time it will ever work.

    • Yeah dude, they even said to me that a couple was planning to buy L and Light Nendos, FUCK THEM. I WISH THEY BURN TO HELL!

      • This happened to me too! They were good with the sales talk. I happened to buy one because I was so excited to find a nendoroid of the Kagamine Twins and it was really really cheaper than what I see online. But damn… DX

  7. hey, i also have a nendoroid from Comic Alley. I don’t care if it’s fake, it’s cute and that’s all i care about. If you’re really into collecting, I’d start by getting ones from Japan – those ones will mostly have a chance of being original, but they’ll cost over 30 dollars. so yeah.

  8. I feel sorry for my self dude, i bought an L nendoroid too like you. But i’ve learned my lessons..

  9. I do agree that Nendoroid do cost much. My Racing Miku 2010 cost around $82 (P3500) which I bought via PlayAsia while on Comic Alley it cost around $13.50 (P549). If you do scroll around the sites which sells Nendoroid, $82 is the right price.

    I do agree that the bootleg Nendoroid looks well made, at first glimpse it does look like an authentic one.

    But as far I could see, getting the real one is also supporting Miku and the other Nendoroid characters…

    They are expensive no doubt but like for an instance I bought the Racing Miku 2010 & 2011 Nendoroids so I ended up supporting the racing team which improves Hatsune Miku’s popularity.

  10. go to Greenhills Shopping Center (2nd floor). If you wanna blow your cash on authentic anime figures.

  11. lol fuck .. i prefer toys on comic alley.. cause i dont have that kind of money to buy the orig one’s.. cost about 1,000 or 2,000 plus .. i dont care if it’s fake or bootleg .. i just care about my cute favorite characters like kirino and L! just for display not to play around!! so yeah.. i dont give a fuck if it’s fake or shit .. they’re just cute n stuff

    • Yeah me too. Its better to be practical than having you buy that price. But I was also wandering when i buy those authentic it will be more fun.

  12. I have reported Comic Alley in GSC regarding their bootlegs, let’s hope it will progress and Comic Alley will be closed. HOORAY!

    As you can see, Comic Alley has a fanpage in facebook, try commenting bootleg/fake or even “seems legit”, your’e ban from their page T_T That store is such a fucking store T_T GSC should really file a case no matter what happen! Let’s support legits!

  13. almost bought an L nendo from CA. was gonna pay for it already until the saleslady offered to open the box and inspect.. LOL maybe she was heaven sent (kinda cute too) but thats when i noticed the smudges on the paint job… the uneven paint… then I looked at the box and saw made in china… well nuff said I changed my mind. Good thing I noticed it coz I was enticed because of the low price (I dont have any idea how much nendo costs coz this would have been my first) and the cuteness of the item

  14. Well lesson learned, i bought a nendroid fate/zero edtion (the saber in casual with a bike) guest what? cant rider her in her bike and i noticed of it blurry color, i was so excited because finally i have a nendroid but when i found out its China made….ugh! dam….anyway lesson learned….

  15. i bought insane black rock shooter from comic alley,i was so excited because i’m going to have my first nendroid.I FOUND OUT that its a fake DAMN IT!

  16. In summary:
    Do not buy from Comic Alley if you don’t want a bootleg.
    Do not judge a Nendo as a bootleg just because it’s freaking made in China – ALL authentic Nendoroids are made in China, with the current exception of #500.
    If you really want to know if it’s a bootleg, take a good look at the original and compare the quality + price of the item.

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