Upgraded Lucy sprites for her upcoming game

August 9, 2010

I assume I now have your attention (LOL!)… time to go to the real content…

Oh boy… 1 base sprite 3 base sprites to go… In all the time I have spent making OELVN’s, this is the first time I actually slowed down and take time to create sprites with quality in mind and for a good reason… these are sprites for Lucy

So… who is Lucy? Well… she’s the “other” often forgotten rarely remembered ren’py girl… you can read more here… as for me, I dare say she’s one of the main reasons why I managed to stay in this hobby even after I went from happy go lucky no care person to busy all day everyday person. I am after-all… her numero UNO fan!…

I have this strong sense of duty and responsibility to ensure Lucy doesn’t fade into obscurity. The imagemaps which revolutionize the way games are made in Ren’py was first introduced to the world through Lucy (originally introduced by Pytom to make it easier for layman people like me to have beautiful graphics on their VN with minimal programming)… though I have been suspecting for a long time that I am “partially” responsible for her to be “briefly” and unceremoniously dropped from renpy (let’s not talk about that)…

Now where were we?… ah the sprites. Lucy’s debut appearance as a protagonist (antagonist) is Lucy’s Revenge, a parody of what renpy is capable of doing back then. Through the years, Ren’py has change quite considerably now with updated codes, better performance and more features… features that I plan to have fun with by re-making the old Lucy’s Revenge (released in December 25, 2006).

Enter the long overdue’d Lucy’s RE-Venge… it’s basically the same game with a few more megabytes added… it’s too early to spoil things so I’ll stop here for now and focus on the updated sprites…

It was all Samu-Kun’s fault for infecting me with MOE-MOE virus… now I too am slowly inclining towards MOE-MOE and it is very evident from the sprites I’m currently working on… oh, for inspiration… I decided to combine the best traits of the following characters and fuse it with Lucy with deadly results…


OK… I talked too much… I’ll go now…

“POOF” (Disappears)





  1. You can’t blame me for anything, Mugen! I haven’t done anything to you!

  2. I quite like this style, the eyes kind of remind me of HAruhi, just drawn better ( or alternatively, some stuff Cloud drew at some point, that I don’t remember).
    I’d advise to correct her buttocks in the bikini picture, though. They look a but too far apart in the bit where they meet the panties and seem to go too down on her leg. I am a maniac, I should know.
    I love her hips, though. Flat chest and wide hips make my day.

  3. Wow. I’m looking forward to your new games.

    • And I’ll be looking forward to the day I’ll work with you once again. I’ll send you the source files (including the unflattened PSD’s) before release…

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