Stealing Art?… I don’t think so Tim!…

August 16, 2010

Before you proceed, please look at these images.

Now read this.

Ahh… Internet… Serious Business or Take it easy… Unless you’re dealing with real money or goods then my default response is “take it easy” since I (admittedly have trolling tendencies) but there were times that I have to make it Serious Business… especially when someone is questioning your integrity and making false accusations… and that’s exactly what Uncle Mugen’s story for today and I wanted to once and for all put an end to this misunderstanding by providing hard evidence and hopefully, reach out for peace and reconciliation…What happened here is someone draw an improved Rough Sketch of Maya done by an Anonymous and his post is here which itself is based on a still rougher sketch of Maya done by Chi (?) and here is his post

Please note that the original drawing have “NO” signature or “NAMES” whatsoever in “BOTH” the original sketch and the improved rough sketch so there is no way I would have know who on earth did these drawings.

And since this is after all a drawthread, I took liberty and used his version and overlayed it while taking some liberty and put a mike in it to spice things up and generally have fun like I always do…

Take note that I acknowledged and recognized his work as you can see by my post here stating that my work is a derivative and here is the final work

Now after this incident… I suddenly found myself being constantly followed, attacked by someone and accused me of “stealing” and “screwing up” stuff. Here are a few sample of these posts here, here and here (there are more of these)…

Now I don’t want to jump into conclusions about these being from the same person trying to spread false rumors or trying to get back at me or whatever but that doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I didn’t steal “anything” nor am I claiming “that” sketch as my work nor do I have any intention to steal… I draw, have fun and hopefully someone else enjoys my works. Now I know stepped into a few toes than my sincerest apologies… especially to you Chi… I don’t want you to hold grudges against me forever and I prefer being friends with you over anything else (that’s the Uncle Mugen way)… but if they can’t accept it well… that’s not my problem… I’m gonna apologize for trolling (which I admit I do A LOT) but I’m I’m not gonna apologize for something I didn’t do (and that is steal).

Peace… (Lol!… Take it easy…)



  1. Stop stealing art, faggot.

    • Lol!… No I’m not… Just because I simply credited the “other” guy since I used “his” version instead of crediting “yours” where “his” work is based is already stealing?… I don’t think so Tim, that’s not how it works… anyway, welcome… please enjoy your stay…

  2. I get the impression they’re just trolling, ignore them.
    I wouldn’t believe you’d steal any drawing, anyway, it’s not in your style at all!

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