And now comes the most dangerous part… making Eileen sprites for Lucy’s Re-Venge

August 19, 2010

Ah… Eileen, Ren’py’s mascot and representative. It’s been so long since the release of the original Lucy’s Revenge and Ren’py has evolved from a simple VN engine to a potential replacement for Powerpoint (Ah!… that rich multimedia capabilities). It’s features increased over the years… features that I could exploit and parodize (is this even an English word?)

Here we have the sprite for Eileen and you’ll notice that something is quite different with this Eileen. Not only is her hair different but she now has this combination of perky and dorky aura to her. And the hair… that hair… never liked Eileen’s default and somewhat boring hairdo, it’s just so… plain so might as well take liberty and “mess” it a bit…

Now about Eileen’s role here. Yes, it will still be like the same from the previous game with a few megabytes added and an epilogue and prologue and… a conclusion. Not gonna spoil you on this one… Lol…

Now casting Eileen in a VN game is not as easy as drawing sprite and write script… oh no, a lot has to be taken into consideration. The First and probably most important thing to consider here is that she’s Ren’py’s official mascot and representative so even though I have a fully strip-pable (all the way) sprite here, I can’t show her go all strip and bare suddenly (think of the children) since as stated earlier Eileen, as the representative of Ren’py must maintain her somewhat wholesome image… oh well…

That’s all for now…



  1. I believe it would just be “parody”, as “parodize” isn’t a word.

  2. Man, those sprites are huge… I’d like it more if the lines for her breasts became less thick as they go up, as they look a bit bad right now (on the clavicles, the lines look a lot better).

    I LOVE this version of Eileen, she’s so pretty! ❤

    But really – huge! Are you planning to make a dakimakura out of these, or something?

  3. (also, is there a reason why the line on her left eyelid is cut?)

    • Huh!?… (Double Checks)… It’s not cut here…

      • There, I highlighted it for you.
        It looks a bit as if you selected part of it and moved it, so it got offset a bit, if you understand what I mean?

      • Ack!… How did I missed that!?… Thanks… Fixing it now…

  4. your works are great!i have some problem to draw soft character like yours……it always…..look like…….uhm…..yeah “like that”.

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