Oh boy now comes… another dilema… and once again, it involves Eileen…

August 19, 2010

OK let’s see… a few hours ago… someone that goes by the name of Ren (thanks!) commented and pointed out a rather critical flaw on the Eileen sprites I posted in the previous post. Of course I made the corrections but I’m also bored today and played with the sprite. Before I know it, I already finished making another hair set for Eileen, and for some odd reason it closely resembles here default hair. What’s even odd is that… it kinda looked well… cute…

I love the curly messed up hair of Eileen but damn… I just can’t seem to take away my eyes from this (now even cuter) version of Eileen… it’s not supposed to be a problem but I already made at least 5 event sprites using the curly messed up hairdo…

Oh my, what am I supposed to do now?… oh well… I’ll think about it later…



  1. Work both hair styles into the story.
    There both cute, though i personly like the streght one more…wait…no…GAH!!!!
    Your right, such a dilema!
    I guess use both hairs.
    My gf changes her hair all the time.
    Just saying dude.
    any ways, nice.

  2. I think I like her better with wavy hair and no glasses, or straight hair and glasses.
    I’ll point out I’m a woman, and I let my hair wavy when I’m at home, of go out with mon amour, and mainly straighten my hair when I go to work…

    … would be so insta-kill if there was a scene where she’s in class giving lessons with straight hair and glasses, and in another you went to her house for some reason, and she opened the door with a cute and simple dress, and her wavy hair…

    Cute ❤

  3. I think you should go with the new one.

  4. my vote’s for curly! ^.^ But yes, you can work with two looks!

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