Things are slowly taking shape now… GUI done… time to create BG-CG’s and other graphical resources for Lucy’s RE-Venge …again

August 26, 2010

So here I am… doing what supposed to be is a remake of my old project Lucy’s Revenge… OK… so it’s not a remake… it’s actually a sequel… No kidding really…

Anyway… GUI is now done (ah… I love me reusable template) and here are previews (I love my English)…

Not much technical marvel here. For this project, I’m gonna have to rely on reusable image-map template… I seriously love the new Screens (and it’s documentation) and the potential they hold but I’m still learning how to use them but the lack of an example which I could dissect makes learning them slightly slower since I learn faster using copy and paste method (yeah… I’m a slow learner without working examples… my fault)… Lol. I seriously wish Doomfest would release an unarchived version of his awesome screen based GUI preferably with comments (since I doubt I’ll understand that wall of text he wrote without comments)  so I can also be as awesome as him… oh envy much… oh well…

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. So much wasted effort… if only you gave up your villainous ways and used your powers for good, Mugen…

  2. Looks very nice.
    Watered down again, lol…

  3. Why does your stuff always look so much better than mine? ;_;

  4. The only thing that kind of irks me is the title of the game in the textbox: maybe you didn’t like to have an empty space there, but I find it distracting to have text other than dialogue in there.

    If it was a logo (image only) I’d find it less distracting.

  5. I really love your customization, GUI, and artwork. They are so clean, polished, and they make me horrible jealous. If only I could steal some of your creativity, oh well…

    How’s Madonna going by the way? Is it still in progress or is it on hold for Lucy’s Revenge 2? Can’t wait to play your new release.

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