Need Audio Visual material in under one hour?… Uncle Mugen and Ren’py to the rescue!!!

September 15, 2010

And here I am again… sticking Ren’py in places where it is not meant to be…

So there I was doing my own thing with the purchasing department of Southville International trying to re-negotiate and save a (not so) lucrative ink supply contract I have with them. I was already on my way out when I saw this college girl in distress. She had this hopeless desperate look and the people surrounding her tries to somewhat comfort her and at the same time blame her for something. Curious, I approached them and asked what seemed to be the problem?…

It turns out, today was their foundation day these bunch of young people are in charge of producing an audio-visual thing that will run in the background and laptop that contained the power point thing was left in a taxi by this now crying girl and they only have one hour left before their foundation day event start.

I suddenly found myself smirking and brimming with confidence and ego all the way up to the ceiling… this is a perfect situation for Uncle Mugen… you lucky bastards don’t know how lucky you were… I’m more than qualified to get you guys out of your predicament. I have the right skills and the right tools for this one of a kind of situation. So I skipped the formalities, removed my glasses, untied my hair for some really cool and handsome impression and asked them to follow me in my car and explain to me along the way what are their requirements.

So it’s just a simple linear slideshow showing a bunch of flags and a couple of overlay text that will be synchronized with the student models with different music playing in the BG for every flag. Simple enough…

So the golden question is… why use Renpy instead of Powerpoint?… Well, under normal circumstances Powerpoint is the better choice for the job but I’m more comfortable working with Renpy despite not being designed for such task. I already have ready made templates sitting in my HD which I can use anytime. Of course for Renpy to be an effective slideshow tool… one must bypass the main menu… and head straight for the start label where the real show starts… You could do it by adding this line in the main menu label.

label main menu:

With one hour to produce an audio-visual thing… we have no choice but to divide task and put more emphasis on churning out stuff… fast… disregarding the need for quality. I lend my backup laptop to a student and asked her to google the necessary images. I then asked another student who had a netbook to type in the overlay text in wordpad while I work on the photochop and renpy stuff and integrate everything together. For the music requirement. I decided to use VDZ’s music I saved from his FTP (thank you VDZ). Just to make sure everything will work well I decided to stay for a while and assist them.

Fast forward after their student modeling presentation. They approached me and they were accompanied by their instructor-in-charge. She shaked my hand and thanked me for helping her students.

Ahh… I live for such moments… it always feels good knowing you just helped someone in need… ego is way up to the ceiling and if only I could tell them how I was dying to brag in front of them but eherm… I decided not to push things and instead told them “It”s nothing, I was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time…” and after I gave them my calling card I drive off… with a large smirk on my face… Once again… Uncle Mugen saves the day!!!… FEELS GOOD MAN!!!


  1. The main differences between a Ren’Py presentation and a Powerpoint presentation are

    1. ) Ren’Py can be obfuscated and uneditable by the recipient. A Powerpoint presentation can be modified if the recipient has Microsoft Office or Open Office, which they need anyway to view it.

    2.) A Ren’Py presentation can run standalone

  2. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you po Sir Johan. Ako po yung pinahiram nyo ng laptop. I got here thru the callingcard you gave us. We wouldn’t have made it in time kung di mo kami tinulungan Sir pero grabe, ang super long naman ng hair nyo. Again Thank you po and more power to you Sir Johan.

    • No problem… Lol!… It was kinda fun actually… But this sure is totally unexpected for someone I met in real life to pop-up in this tiny corner of the web that is Studio Mugenjohncel… Lol!…

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