SATURDAY!!!… YEAH!!!… I am so close in achieving that hand drawn look on BG-CG’s using only Sketchup and a little help from a few plug-ins… and YES!… NO PHOTOSHOP THIS TIME!!!… NO REALLY!!!

September 18, 2010

The GUI and the sprite is just mock up but the BG is not… this is the result I got from messing up with a couple of Renderer for sketchup.

OK… Last time I cough some serious cash on plug-in’s was with IDX Renditioner… it worked as advertised but not quite the thing I was looking for and for something that is only gonna be used for a hobby of sorts… it is very costly so I am now very careful before I try and purchase anything.

I have tried three renderer… Twilight, LightUp and Podium… I know VRay is very powerful having tried it before on a different program but the price is very VERY high so no good. Of the remaining three LightUp is the most easiest (and personally, the best) of them all… you could get decent results even without reading the documentation and the way it was integrated in Sketchup window is so awesome (why the hell did I bothered with 3D studio MAX when you have this). Podium on the other hand has everything like a swiss knife. Took me about 45 minutes of reading the manual and getting familiar with it’s myriad of options before I can even start doing stuff but yes, it is full blown but not easy to use. Twilight, like LightUp is very easy to use. you could have decent results even without reading the manual. It can hold on it’s own against LightUp and Podium but it had one ugly flaw. for some odd reason, I just can’t seem to make the final render size to follow my instructions. I set the size manually and yet this stubborn program always keeps giving me that 800 x 600 aspect… everything seems to work fine if I render within the bounds of my physical screen but render anything larger than that and you get this awful cropped render.

So after fiddling with their settings,  Twilight (despite it’s render sizing god awful problem) performs closest to what I wanted… and that is render an image that closely resembles a hand drawn BG-CG (achieved by messing with the camera and a few preset fiddling)… sure it still looked 3D but maybe just a few tiny adjustment in Photoshop will fix that, but for now this is good enough.

Now let’s see what we have here…

LightUp – Very easy, stunning results “IN REALTIME” but costs $149… kinda meh expensive for something you’re gonna seldom use.

Podium – Not easy to use but very powerful. Has everything including the kitchen sink but at $198!?… OMG!!! That’s way too expensive… can’t they have a package for OELVN hobbyist like me?…

TwilightDespite that one VERY awful flaw of twilight regarding exporting larger images than your physical screen resolution at only $99… this sounds like a nice deal… (though I seriously wish that exporting problem can be fixed but… oh well)

Twilight! Take my credit card!!!…

There goes my budget for that Hatsune Miku figma I just reserved for this month…   ;_;

Oh by the way, the Warehouse component used for this BG-CG can be downloaded here in case you’re interested in trying it out… feel free to use it for anything…

Purchased a license and it solved the awful resolution problem in Twilight…



  1. I really like what I see, and I shall await for the tutorial for this technique, once you are ready. Thanks so much for always sharing your tips!

  2. Did you make this character ? I like the style of it. 🙂 It’s vector I guess ?

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