And just when I though I finally found a way to churn out BG-CG’s for OELVN’s specifically for the project Sepia Tears… fast and cheaply… then comes this #$&%!@!! pile of snow…

September 27, 2010

Be warned… this is a rant thread… nothing to see here other than me blowing some steam to release tension and relieve stress… Lol!…

Let’s toss modesty aside for the moment… what used to be a 4 to 10 hour ordeal… using my newfound techniques, I cut down BG-CG production for OELVN’s down to 2 to 3 hours (thanks to Sketchup) leaving me plenty of room to go by my regular busy schedule and still be in this hobby… until I encountered well… Snow…

Sure, you can create convincing buildings, cars and other stuff in Sketchup really quickly… feeling lazy?… Just download components (modify a bit… Lol!) but there is no easy way out of doing snow in Sketchup… Well, there is a way to create snow within Sketchup but even with soft edges set to ultra mega maximum it still looked umm… flat. You could add a few more boxes here and there but not only this takes time, the more you add, the closer you are to reaching Sketchup’s limits… Sketchup is a 32bit app so it had a memory cap and still not get the perfect hand drawn result… not to mention that I never experienced snow firsthand so all I have for reference is Google images and Kanon anime from youtube…

For this, you don’t have much of a choice but to (ugh…) draw them manually which took about an hour and a half. Let’s see 2 to 3 hours in BG-CG + 1.5 on snow = wasted time. Doing the snow manually defeats my primary purpose of finding ways to cheat and cut down BG-CG production time.

On one end you have speed and on the other, your objective to achieve that almost hand drawn look. Sure, I lost about an hour and a half more than I planned but after looking at the result… wasted time justified…

I go for now…



  1. The more I read about your BG research the more I think you would achieve better results exporting to blender where you have greater flexibility(but the exporting process would probably defeat the purpose of saving time)
    On the bright side I think your BG are already on a professional level of quality

  2. I agree with adrix 89, your backgrounds are definitely just as good as the backgrounds I’ve come across in popular visual novels, infact they’re above average by popular visual novel standards

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