ACK!… And just when I though I had them colored perfectly to match the character sprites for the project Sepia Tears… I just realized that my LCD is uncalibrated so my BG-CG’s are now waaaaaaay too bright…

October 4, 2010

Mandatory image post to get attention… Lol!

This is image before viewing it on a calibrated LCD…

This is image after finding out how much the BG-CG was screwed color-wise and made some corrections + improvements while screaming “ACK!”.

OK let’s see… a few days ago I received…

Also, Choux really likes the backgrounds but she mentioned that they look slightly brighter than the character sprites overall. Do you think that’s a problem?

I should have paid close attention to it… Long story short, I tried viewing the images on a know well calibrated LCD together with the sprites and all I can say is… “ACK!”… it’s way too bright and way too 3D…

Time to fix them problem…

Ahh!… Much better… I guess putting a “bit” of manual effort does make a lot of difference… (though this defeats the objective of finding cheap quick ways to BG-CG)

Lol!… What a week…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Just curious, but about how long did it take you to create this background, for I have to admit it looks great.

    • The room and the object placement took less than an hour… that’s the beauty of Sketchup… fast component placement. Though post processing took nearly an hour and a half… not much of a choice there…

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