Finally!!!… I finally managed to find that elusive sweet-spot in Twilight Renderer presets that closely mimics hand drawn BG-CG’s for use in OELVN’s (aka Visual Novels)

October 13, 2010

I know some of you are probably thinking… “oh no, here he goes again with his BG-CG rant”… but c’mon stay awhile and listen… let me brag just for a bit… please…

Not gonna say much today but I finally managed to find the perfect universal setting for Twilight Renderer presets that closely mimics hand drawn BG-CG’s for use in OELVN’s (aka Visual Novels). NO JOKE REALLY!… No Photochop post processing for this one… this has far reaching implications… I mean, if this BG-CG looked “this” good straight out of render oven… just imagine how much better it will become “after” being subjected to Photochop?…

Though I’m still seriously wondering why the hell did the render time took a lot longer when I enabled lights… one of these days, I’m gonna find out…

OK… gotta go for now…

Edit: Lol!… Now that I take good look at it… this kinda looked like something straight out from Academy City from the anime Railgun that I watched on Youtube…




  1. If only you could add a painterly feel to it 😦
    But this feels like 2.5d so it’s good ‘w’)b

  2. I have to say these backgrounds really look great. I especially like the second one for its nice atmosphere.

    As for the increase of render time with more light sources, that is quite normal.
    As far as I understand every lightsource is emitting rays, that are “reflected” by surfaces till they intersect with the camerapoint or are absorbed by the material.
    So basically an additional light source doubles the amount of rays that have to be calculated. I am pretty sure, that the real thing is a little bit different.

    For a better and more accurate explanation you may take a look at wikipedia with keywords like rendering and raytracing.

  3. Why the watermarks?

  4. Omg, please post your settings. >_> I’ve been using twilight since seeing your amazing backgrounds, and everything I make looks so real it’s gross. :c

    -if not postting your settings, may i buy them /serious ?-

    • Sure, but give me some more time to tweak it more so flat face me surfaces won’t look flat (see first image… the tree on the right side…) it’s the only thing that’s preventing me from sharing this for now…

      • Ah yeah I see what you mean when you point it out!

        I look forward to any improvement on this. o_o hard to believe this is all rendering still.

  5. OK Melkoshi, this wont solve the face me components problem but this is my general setting for normal daylight.

    Camera Options

    Type of projection

    Camera F-Number

    Lens Focal Length (mm):

    Tone Mapping Filter Type:

    Brightness Level:

    Darkness Level

    Light Editor – Sun/Sky Tab

    Background / Sky Type
    Background Color

    Background Color
    rgb(151, 190, 255)

    Sunlight Enabled

    Sunlight Casts Shadow

    Soft (Blurry) Shadows Enabled

    Sunlight Color:
    rgb(253, 255, 240)


    Max Sun Intensity:

    For materials:
    Leave everything at default and only assign shiny to chrome surfaces like railings and such.

    For reflective materials like windows set reflection at roughly 25% if using dark (stained glass) reflective material and 50% if using lighter reflective material, also set blur at roughly 80%. It is recommended to place a large texture somewhere far away (not sky texture) so reflective material will have something to reflect… I recommend Anime screenshots for this.

    Avoid using high detailed textures since they will make your model look realistic. If it cannot be avoided, edit the textures in photochop and apply artistic filter paint daubs just enough to drown out the finer details but make sure to retain some recognizable detail. Apply filter Gaussian Blur at .2 px.

    NEVER USE TRANSPARENT / TRANSLUCENT GLASS… Twilight Render is too accurate and too realistic and that’s exactly what we wanted to avoid. either paint over texture with embedded reflections post processed in Photochop or Make it reflective then place an image in front of it (off camera off course) so it can reflect something. If it can’t be helped use a PNG with alpha channel instead to replace the glass texture. Never do transparent face in Sketchup.

    For sunset adjust
    Sunlight Color:
    rgb(253, 255, 240)

    suggesting somewhere between red and orange then brighten it up to “almost” white”

    The ambient light is a bit tricy but it’s basically just a low powered omnilight with wide scattered settings… properly placed to mimick sunlight but not strong enough to cast visible light on surfaces.

    • WAH. Epic! I’m playing around with those settings right now(even though everything has realish textures still…), and it looks so much better omg!

      Thank you so much, I really do appericate you sharing the settings with me.

  6. Dear me, I just happened to stumble on your website accidently but now I realize it must have been fate! Love, love, looove your stuff, so helpful!
    *bookmark of happiness*

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