Renpy Screens… despite being easier to use and way WAY more flexible… so how come learning them is somewhat a pain?…

November 27, 2010

Picture Unrelated… just here to get your attention… de geso…

So where was I?…

Ah yes Renpy Screens… so it was like this… Renpy Screens was added into Renpy quite some time ago to address a bunch of problems beyond my comprehension but also the promise of simplifying things while giving you unlimited possibilities to exploit it… problem is, despite the documentation… there is no documentation available on how to use them properly so this probably explains why adaptation of this wonderful new thing is slow… because we don’t have a clue how to use them.

Let’s give a screen sample here…

If you have used renpy for quite a while this statement will be somewhat easy to understand. It is a screen that says… Add or show the graphics “abox_hover.png” at 500 pixels from top and 500 pixels from the left side… even someone as dumb as me can understand this… what I don’t understand and clearly no reference available is how to “use” them and of course without a reference or even an example of how to use them… were now down to two options…

1) Beg for someone who has figured how to use screens properly to share their code so you can disassemble them or…

2) Go all random and try and figure out what this thing really is…

So I have that code sitting in the .rpy file with no clue how to use them. Initially, I was under the assumption that they are like Labels and treated them like one… the fact that the screen based gui imagemap behaves like that only fortifies this assumption… of course it didn’t work.

Until I finally got a hold of a code that shows how to use them renpy screens properly…

So thats how you use a screen!… You’re supposed to place them in the code and call / show them… Why wasn’t it in the manual?…  Fine, call me dumb or anything but please don’t accuse me of being lazy… I really do want to learn how screen works with all my might, I even tried all possible combinations… of course they’ll most likely fail but with nothing to start on but a snippet of screen code without explaining how to use them “properly” so they’ll be shown in the screen then expect more “dumb people” like me to be stuck at the bottom of this rather steep climb…

So anyway, I finally cleared the first step… now time to climb up a bit more and see what screens have to offer…




  1. Oops, I owe you some code. I’ll send it along tomorrow.

  2. It’s not laid out very well, since the manual dives straight into how to construct screens without telling you what to do with them first… but in case you need to look anything else up about those statements, the description of how to call screens is right at the bottom of the first page of screen stuff on the new Ren’Py manual:


    (That also covers how to send parameters to screens, in case you see any of those in other examples and wonder how they get in there!)

  3. Wow, thanks for this entry! I wasn’t able to find out how to do it on my own, either.

    Also, thanks to Jake’s link, I now also know where to find it in the manual. 😀

  4. Partner and I were also unable to find any explanation of how to actually use Screens, until now. Truly, you are a prince among pervs.

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