A really REALLY busy December for Studio Mugenjohncel from pending projects and commitments to my unstapable antics and trolling and a really exploitable template of Saten-Chan from Railgun/Index Anime.

December 8, 2010

Believe it or not, what you see here is the result of 30 minute wait at the Airport while armed only with a single mongol #2 pencil and the back of some random folded paper I found. So far, this is the best I can do and probably the only thing I could do during this busy season till I cleared my equally hectic schedule. (You know, this really random sketch turned out really nice, I sure wish I have this momentum whenever I really needed to draw something… Lol!)

So let’s have a quick inventory of my activities as Mugenjohncel…


Project K-On Beat Up Game

Sprite creation I took up recently. Not much progress on this side since I took up the task during the time when business peak season begins and a couple of stuff that made it impossible for me to deliver the goods on time. Of course, it made me feel bad since sprite is very crucial to this project and I’m holding them up… guess I’ll just have to make up for the lost time once my schedule cleared up.


Sepia Tears

You know, this project is “almost” complete as in “just-a-few-more-BG-CG’s missing, assemble, proofread and distribute… so we can give each other a pat on the back not to mention I’ve been delivering BG-CG’s to this project at breakneck speeds… that is until this season arrived. Same reason as previous project. Right now I’m down to 1 to 2 BG-CG every two weeks unlike before where I deliver BG-CG’s almost every other day… oh well, I’ll pick speed once this season is over.


A Secret Project?

Next is again… another collaboration with Sak…err uh (do I have permission to leak this?… probably not  but it had something to do with Japan’s Heinan Period. So no shopping malls, no giant robots, no magical girls or students whose parents are missing with money magically sent to their bank accounts every month… no this is old Japan… you know, Swords and finding a thick bush at the side of the road to take a crap and stuff like that.

Anyway, this one is a challenge.  Unlike other BG-CG’s I’ve done where all I have to do is think a bit and recall a few things I see everyday, this one I have to “actually” research (you made me do this Sake-Chan!) how buildings and structures looked like during the Heinan period (lol! You should see how people back then dispose of their crap… Lol!)

Here you see an unfinished inn. The stereotype Heinan Inn was usually portrayed as a large uniform almost temple like wooden structure. While it is true that there are buildings like that back then… most are actually less grander… more like a building that spawned extensions and slowly being build up over generations… that’s how most of them inn’s back then looked like… but nevertheless, the basic room remains the same for both types.

Also for this one, I won’t rely solely on renderers alone and will have to actually take time and handpaint a few spots to make it blend well with the sprite.


Other strange activities… LOLOLOLOL!!!

Let’s see… using Ren’py (which is a VN engine tool) as a sort of Backdrop for a rather major concert, a sort of replacement for power point, a training tool for a nursing school (again) and for a speech…

One of the activities I cherish the most is trolling 4chan… specifically the /jp/ board ranging from simple comments to photoshopping on the spot using underpowered netbook… great stress reliever… But alas, it is also subjected to the same circumstances as the rest of the projects/activities I’ve been involved with. For now, I decided to rely on some of my pre-made template and log in under proxies and do my stuff from time to time using various devices ranging from netbooks, Iphone and others…

[Use this Satem template for whatever it may serve best… or worse]

Here you see Saten from that Anti-Feminist anime. A request from some /jp/er asked me if I could trace her, and so I did… of course, her pose being pretty much exploitable made me (and a few others who joined the fun after I posted the template) to do the following… oh boy here we go…

Hmm… now that I think about it… maybe I do have a lot of time in my hands afterall… LOLOLOLOL!!!

I go now!…


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  1. Lol, exploitable 😀

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