2 and a half hours + a bored guy with a camera + a large desk + two black cardboard + a bunch of recently aquired FIGMA’s from greattoysonline.com + 2 lead flashlights = A miniature K-On photoshoot

December 20, 2010

I hate to admit but I may have already been a FIGMA otaku long before I realized it… whatever. Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of FIGMA’s…

True, the larger anime figures are more detailed and beautiful but they can’t beat FIGMA’s replayability.

I mean you can either have a figue that just stand there still and have the same boring post all the time or… you could get a FIGMA where you could have lot’s of fun time trying to get them in various poses limited only by your imagination… and the FIGMA’s articulation.

[Above] My personal favorite shot. I just can’t describe it in mere words.

OK, So I now have roughly 2 and a half hours free time. Currently in my office away from my usual drawing equipment and not enough to do BG-CG’s nor draw anything decent but I do have some of my FIGMA’s sitting in my desk… let’s see… you know… maybe I could do a FIGMA photo-shot!

So again, armed with a “crappy” digital camera, two pieces of cardboard and two flashlights (can’t use lampshade since it over-saturates the image)… Well, I’ll stop talking now… please enjoy the rest of the pictures…

[Above] Ritsu in Drums

[Above] A sad looking Mio

[Above and Below] A close shot of the drum set that came with Ritsu Figma. Man, I just love the detail in it…

[Above] Mio’s Bass gutar with a fully functioning bag

[Above and Below] Mio posing behind a backdrop that came from the Billy Herrington Figma

[Above] Ritsu posing with her Drum Set

[Above and Below] Umm… I know this is a crime but… what the heck…

I go now… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!…

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  1. Lol, I loved your K-on figures

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