World of Tanks Online!?… Aren’t you supposed to be doing… something important?

December 24, 2010

OK… so I have a confession why I’ve been quite slow lately. True it’s peak season now so kinda busy with real-life duties and obligations so I now have little free time and that little free time remaining is uhh… somewhat consumed by this game called World of Tanks. So what exactly is it? Well, you could simply put it Couterstrike involving Tanks. Now what attracted me to this game is not the graphics but the gameplay. This game requires tremendous amount of patience and dedication. It’s not your ordinary runn-of-the-mill shooter where you simply point and shoot. You not only have to consider several factors like your ammo’s penetration rate but also your target’s armor, where he’s weakest. Even armor slope can affect. Also, I noticed that the general user base of this game is more matured and dedicated. I guess it probably has something to do with the games rather slow paced which discourages those with short attention span but once you stay for a while, your patience will be rewarded. Whatever… it’s a great game!

In other news!

This rather ridiculously rushed comic piece (made it under one hour due to boredom) just won 3rd place in their Best Comic competition. 2000 gold + Free World of Tank T-Shirt!!!… YEAH! Merry Christmas everyone!

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Has there been any progress with that k-on game?

  2. Wah that’s just great ^^
    Good job as always.

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