A renewed purpose… I’M BAAAAAACK!!!… IT’S OELVN TROLLING TIEM!!!

January 30, 2011

Let’s see… deleted posts, retrieve posts for a fee, restore them only to find out they’re seriously a jumbled mess which means I now have to delete them again… and again restore them…

Anyway, after several days of cleaning the house and really REALLY thinking hard… I have decided that it was premature to retire the MUGENJOHNCEL BRAND… sure it will happen sooner or later but that time is not now.

So what exactly is MUGENJOHNCEL?… You see MUGENJOHNCEL goes all the way back to 1999 when I was still an active Graphic Artist working for Low to Mid budget commercials and the game engine MUGEN was the hottest thing in the interwebs. It was actually a combination of several words. MUGEN is derived from MUGEN the Game Engine. JOHN was my nickname which is derived from JOHAN SY and CEL which was a misspelling of CELL (my first ever successful character rip for mugen).

Initially it was associated with my hobby as a sprite ripper and later a character maker for MUGEN and in some ways… an accurate representation of me but as time went by it slowly shifted it’s focus to OELVN’s (Original English Language Visual Novels)… it was a golden age! This is the first time that I can truly brag and stroke my ego… repeatedly…

Unfortunately, a drastic change in career to selling printers and inks had some effect on MUGENJOHNCEL. I am not regretting this career change since it has brought me prosperity unimaginable when I was still a happy-go-lucky graphic artist but MUGENJOHNCEL which is supposed to accurately depict me both physically and behavior is now reduced to being an outlet of frustration and stress delivered by my now successful career shift. As time went by, MUGENJOHNCEL became more and more bolder in his antics until it went from LULZ to TROLL…

My notoriety increased after I discovered 4chan and took advantage of it’s volatile and large user base to expand my reach… and do more trolling for my own pleasure… it was a necessary evil at that time… It was the height of my career as a businessman and that has brought a lot of unwanted stress which I now resort to trolling to relieve it. But of course, trolling has it’s consequences and I found it the hard way.

When Renpytom asked me to draw the graphics for the tutorial featuring Eileen, Lucy and Mary playing in a concert. I intentionally inverted the flag of the Philippines to signify WAR… which itself is already a jail-able offense in the Philippines… though my intentions are to symbolize the Love-Hate relationship between Eileen and Lucy behind the scenes… I cannot deny the fact that trolling is also one of my intentions. It was quite a while until someone finally noticed it… though I already made the necessary corrections to the image… I now have lost Renpytom’s trust.

So how much consequence will it be for me to loose Renpytom?… Well…

After calmly doing some study I come up with this…

No more Renpy support, I am a copy paste type of programmer and losing renpytom will mean GAME-OVER for me as an OELVN making entity and effectively crippling one of MUGENJOHNCEL’s pillars.

I can live with 4CHAN bans, KS bans, Something Awful bans, more bans from other forums including unsolicited spam from someone in the homosexual community targeting me specifically but not losing Renpytom for I can’t program shit from scratch… as I have mentioned earlier, I am a copy-paste type of guy that is either too dumb, too busy or too lazy to learn to program.

Anyway, after giving it some though… I have decided to retain MUGENJOHNCEL. MUGENJOHNCEL is part of me that I can no longer shake off nor am I willing to since being MUGENJOHNCEL has it’s benefits.

Yes, I will continue to troll and troll harder by making more nastier OELVN’s to satisfy myself but will now recognize certain boundaries like never EVER troll Renpytom again. Of course this will mean cancellation of two Eileen related OELVN’s I have in the making. I’ll still drop by the forums once in a while to help people in need within my capabilities and possibly collaborate with other people in “DECENT” OELVN projects (high emphasis on DECENT)… maybe troll a bit but not as hard as when I troll somewhere else.

Let’s see… I still have this other OELVN parody of Tales of Lemma named Lamest of Lame… will I get into trouble with it?…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Okay, so you’re responsible for a lot of shitstorms. Probably the general attitude of no one taking EVNs (besides KS) seriously. Or even no one taking Filipinos seriously.

    Fuck. You have to make amends… you can start by overhauling the BGs in The Question with those made with your usual technique (Sketchup + touchup). Please.

  2. “Probably the general attitude of no one taking EVNs (besides KS) seriously.”

    I really hope you’re joking there, and that I’m just not getting it…

  3. Through his antics, Mugenjohncel single-handedly destroyed all hope for EVN creators, Filipinos, and especially Filipino EVN creators everywhere.

    The damage he has wrought cannot be measured.

    I think I know what I’m gonna do… I’m going to adopt a Japanese pen name and see how radically different initial reactions will be.

  4. “Through his antics, Mugenjohncel single-handedly destroyed all hope for EVN creators, Filipinos, and especially Filipino EVN creators everywhere.”


    But you see, that sounds kind of cool. πŸ˜€

  5. So does this mean you won’t be returning that email I sent you?

    • Apologies… It seems your email got buried by large amounts of spam I receive. Proper reply sent…

  6. @Mugen… I don’t condone your actions, but I find the whole thing kinda lulzy :P.
    @DaFool: As for the destroying all hope for Filipino EVN creators part… nah, that’s a kinda racist thing to assume, in my opinion.
    Mugen is Mugen. He’s an international troll. Just because he’s a Filipino doesn’t mean that all Filipinos act like him… or use ellipsis like him like I’m doin right now – lol!

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