February 10, 2011

A sprite set/asset from one of my canceled project “Lucy’s Revenge Again” which is supposed to be a direct sequel of “Lucy’s Revenge”… Due to recent events, continuing working with the said project will just do more harm than good and closing it is the most sensible thing to do. During the production phase of the project, several assets were made. It was unfortunate that the project will have to end this way but the resources made can still be put to good use and benefit others who might need sprites or placeholder graphics so they can make make their first baby steps into the world of OELVN making… so here they are being release to the general public. And with this announcement. Project Lucy’s Revenge Again is now officially canceled… it sucks but it had to be done… Now I can finally concentrate of delivering other commitments like BG-CG’s and the ToL Parody.

Anyway… free for use in OELVN projects (You know, sprite or placeholder or whatever it may serve you best… BG-CG not included… insert legal disclaimer and other similar things here)… You can edit it if you want to suit your needs…

You can download it HERE

Hmm… I do have other resources for free but my blog is currently a mess… whatever…


“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Stop tempting me with thy glorious artworkings! Ye shall never have my soul! NEVAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!1!!!11


  3. No Lucy sprite?

  4. Aww. I was hoping for the remake/sequel of “Lucy’s Revenge”. Either way, keep up the good work.

    • Not everything is lost my friend… co’z we got something more nastier in the works and better yet… WE GOT PERMISSION to go ahead, create and release it…

      • Cool. While I still want to see an updated Lucy’s Revenge this new game of yours looks interesting. Best of luck to you.

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