FUCK YOU!!! I’M A MUSHROOM!!!… Lamest of Lame… A Tales of Lemma Parody

February 14, 2011


That was supposed to be the title of the Tales of Lemma parody I’m currently making but realized the the places I could post this would be limited due to the um… nature of the word used in the title.

So I decided to use an anagram of “Tales of Lemma” which is “Lamest of Lame”… Although not really very pleasant to hear, it should be more than sufficient for the task.

So what exactly is this whole thing?

Tales of Lemma is a series of visual ren’ai short stories. The star is a cute young 19-year-old woman named Miko, with whom the player gets lost in the wilderness.

You see… Tales of Lemma was one of those long forgotten VN made in early 2000 and being an early entry to the OELVN scene, expect the quality to be err… yes, not on par with today’s standards.

But heck, what about the story?… Well, it’s supposed to be a straightforward story between a boy and a girl lost in the wilderness while encountering strange events along the way and made it back to safely… or is it…

Lamest of Lame will focus on what’s going on “BEHIND-THE-SCENES” and will finally reveal that there is more than meets the eye and the events are not really what they seemed to be…

Enough spoilers… Gotta go for now…

You can download the original Tales of Lemma here



  1. omg omg omg, you is my hero now.

  2. Hmm, a deeper look at the remarkable mushroom-related occurrences is indeed rational.

    Also, your Miko is very cute. If the world ever explodes from moe, you will be one of the leading culprits.

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