When to raise the “White Flag” and admit “It’s too much to handle”…

February 25, 2011

Hetzer Picture unrelated but (modesty being tossed aside at the moment) should demonstrate clearly my skill level, done on the spot a few days ago on Mumble Channel under 2 hours as requested by a fellow World of Tanks player.

But anyway, as the title suggest I’m now raising the white flag of defeat for I can no longer accommodate more OELVN projects or help as much as I used to or wanted to help people in completing their OELVN projects. I can draw fast, I can deliver fast but… so is my real life, schedule, duties and responsibilities… ESPECIALLY RESPONSIBILITIES for I am now a Rotary charter president of District which I shall not reveal to prevent my “mugenjohncel” persona to mix and corrupt my still clean and unblemished “real life public image”…

It is indeed regretful and to some degree painful… I am quite confident that the tasks is ridiculously well within my scope of range of abilities but even after mastering the fine art of Time Management… there seems to be not enough time to squeeze out more freetime from the 24 hours allocated to us everyday for leisure and hobby… much less for time intensive OELVN related activities. It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in a project that resulted in a release and my desire to do so is ever increasing everyday… so is the frustration that exponentially grows with each passing non-productive day… I have to streamline my workflow…

After analyzing what I got I have narrowed down my choice… I have to drop some projects that I can no longer accommodate. Will retain one project collaboration (Sepia Tears) and one Solo Project (Lamest of Lame)… that’s it… will dedicate later half of Saturday and whole Sunday for them and will adhere to this strict schedule and will impose an absolute DO NOT DISTURB ME POLICY during those times so I can concentrate (and finally get something done). Trolling 4Chan I shall cut drastically (even though I certainly enjoy it the most)…

Again… apologies for dropping… I really don’t have much of a choice and this is for the better so replacement for me can be found ASAP and keep the projects going instead of stalling the project waiting for me…

It sucks but… this is for the better…



  1. I’m glad you’re not abandoning those two projects: I’m really curious about Sepia Tears, and having loved The Fucking Question, I can’t avoid eagerly waiting for LoL. 🙂

    I’m really envious of your speed: I could never produce something like that in a couple of hours… which is a skill that would be immensely useful, considering how I’d need to produce small 3D animated sprites for the Battle Engine.

    I have to find a tutorial on how to be fast, or something. Anyway, your work is always inspiring!

  2. Time. Money. Skill. Exchange any two.

    I’ve gotten more skill, and more money, but less time. So I look for starving artists or people freshly unemployed who have the skill and the time but no money. This goes for all my endeavors. Win-win situation.

    It’s a very different situation from my hikikomori days 5 years ago when all I had was time but no skill, no drive, and no motivation.

    • Well… true but there is still this umm… how should I say this “Personal Satisfaction for Getting things done by yourself” which is something I still can’t get over with…

  3. Waaaait…so does this mean that even if I /did/ have enough souls to pay for the famous Mr. Mugen to corrupt–er, plastic-wrap–er, ILLUSTRATE visual novels for me, it would be irrelevant due to his having a life? *sadness*

  4. How does this work as being anonymous? 🙂 You did reveal your true identity countless times before. *hints* 😉

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