March 7, 2011

I’ve been keeping this to myself for far too long and I need clean everything… start over and move on…

OK let’s see… for the past few months (with the concept going back a year or two) I’ve been working on a project (now canceled) which is supposed to be a sequel of Lucy’s Revenge called Lucy’s Revenge Again staring well… Lucy except she isn’t the real Lucy… 

Anyway, it’s a parody of the Ren’py demo following exactly what the original Lucy’s Revenge sequence of events with a few twists where you’ll have to replay it several times (Yes FIA… I stole your concept) to figure out what exactly is going on. Who is this Lucy impersonator and why is she doing it and the most important question of all… what is the “REAL” reason why the original Lucy attacked Eileen back in December 2006.

Fast forward today after a few string of incidents leading me to reluctantly drop the project I especially since Eileen is now off-limits (being the representative of Renpy means she can’t be used for uhh… let’s just say we can’t corrupt her for the good of everyone) and with Eileen being no-no, my OELVN the project is now doomed. With this, I decided to release the sprite resources of Eileen in game. Now I am going to spoil and reveal the story behind Lucy’s Revenge Again but first you must know the prologue…

Once upon a time in some random studio somewhere. A taping of some children’s show is about to start when they received a word that the usual assistant of the host of the show can’t make it due to diarrhea. Then err… the “PRODUCER” of the show out of desperation went to the other studio across the street and saw this pale beautiful long haired girl who was earlier rejected in an audition for a rival children’s show. Mr Producer approached this girl and offered her a job as an assistant for the shows host. Fast forward several months, the producer launched a new show… The “RENPY DEMO TUTORIAL SHOW” and promised Lucy the job of being the host. Just a few weeks before launching due to the pressures from high above, the hosting job went to another girl named Eileen… Lucy was re-casted as the assistant. The show proceeded as scheduled. At first having equal screen time but as time went by… Lucy’s role was slowly being marginalized until she found herself only appearing for a few brief seconds in the original imagemap demonstration segment…

If you have played the Original Lucy’s Revenge, you’ll notice that Lucy was really pale and sick looking back then… well, there’s a reason for it… she’s dying. And only have a few months left to live. All she wished for is to step into the spotlight and be a star at least once. Of course things didn’t turn out very good for poor Lucy. Sure, she got that 15 minutes of fame but getting fired in the process. Initially living on Welfare after getting her home foreclosed… she was taken in by the cameraman (now a printer salesman) that she dragged during that incident. Of course the inevitable happened, Lucy passed away but not without leaving at least a few wills. One of them is to continue her legacy… which the printer salesman did follow. By some random coincidence during a heavy rainstorm, he encountered a petite girl that somewhat resembles Lucy except with long curvy hair who conveniently have “amnesia” and with nowhere, no clue and no idea to go… of course being a good person, the printer salesman took her in and give her an identity and purpose… she now became the next Lucy.

Time passed, Mr. Producer who wasn’t aware that the real Lucy already passed away offered Lucy a job. The new Lucy of course accepted since this will now give her some purpose while Mr Printer Salesman tries to figure out who exactly she is. At first everything went smoothly but Eileen already sensed that the Lucy she’s currently working with is not the same Lucy as before. A series of events from this point will lead to the re-enactment of what happened back in 2006 except… Lucy fights back (and a mini game commences) whose outcome will remain the same weather you win or lose. At this point, Mr Printer Salesman will finally reveal everything.

I’ve done quite a lot of writing for this project and I quite frankly was devastated that I now have to cancel it due to technicalities. If I resumed it as it is then the outcome woun’t be good for me either. Not doing anything is also frustrating since I have this really solid piece of story currently sitting in my head waiting to be scripted to renpy and the longer is sits, the more the frustration grows by the day.

Anyway, after several weeks… while I was showering an idea hit me… an idea so good not only it resolves everything without compromising Eileen’s integrity which frees me from the burden of… I forgot what was that English word I was going to say but anyway there is one drawback… she ___ violently while fighting for her life… I’m not quite satisfied with this idea but this is the only way I could justify the existence of the new lucy and the events on the other project I’m working on… it’s like hitting two Angry Birds with one slab of pork!

Whew! That was long!… Thank you for reading…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. “she ___ violently while fighting for her life… I’m not quite satisfied with this idea but this is the only way I could justify the existence of the new Lucy and the events on the other project I’m working on…”

    I can’t possibly imagine what “___” is, I tried imagining all sorts of things as to why there’s such a striking resemblance between the two Lucys and why the moe one has amnesia but I can’t come up with anything. :/

    Still, useful information. Kukukukukuku. >:D

  2. Oh, my! I had no idea how deep the Lucy-Eileen rabbit hole went! 😮
    R.I.P. Lucy 1… </3

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