Finally! A Finished Solo Project but…

March 9, 2011

OK… so I have this finished project here… just music and done… it’s nothing new or anything grand but rather a short remake + improved old project which I have neglected now revisited and edited  and re-released to fit and supplement my “GRAND PLAN”… and to re-energize and re-familiarize myself with the new Renpy…

So you must be asking… what is it and where’s the download link?

Not so fast! This is my first solo project in quite a while and my first attempt at using screens and quite frankly I’m kinda nervous about this whole screen thing since my last solo release had a major bug that took three years to be spotted which prevented the player from accessing the nasty hidden arc and I wanted to make sure that when I release this… there will be no take two’s or something like that so yes… I’ll take my time and test this thoroughly before releasing…

Now where is VDZ when you need him?…

“POOF” (Disappears)

Edit: AGH! I can’t seem to make the text in the screenbased imagemap align nor make it follow my will!…



  1. looks interesting…

  2. I test games for a living, if you need help. 😛

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