Moetron Requested Art… as promised

March 15, 2011

Oh my… 3 non-OELVN posts in a row… oh well…

Anyway, I made a promise to someone I’d draw him a MOETRON. Let’s see… I first saw MOETRON on 4chan’s /a/… she is this frankensteined moe parts… I don’t know, I think she’s a meme there of some sorts. Perhaps a combination of all moe-traits rolled into one girl… I’ll just post this here so I can fullfill a promise…

The thread in question…

…now if only I can align a few more text parts then I can finally release my latest OELVN project but let’s save it for another post



  1. To meet the NHK description she also needs to be a ghost mummy in a wheelchair!

  2. too moe

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