I give up… reverting to classic mode…

March 19, 2011

As the title says… I guess doing a game using Renpy Screens is a bit too ambitious for someone like me whose scripting level is Copy-Pasta… I had this nasty text alignment problem(s) that wasn’t a problem before but doesn’t want to cooperate when I’m using screens. There are clearly several advantages using screens like dictate individual sounds for individual hotspots just to name a few.

I really don’t want to bother anyone with what I believe is such a simple problem and I bet people are probably sick and tired to hear S.O.S. pleas about something basic as this so I’ll just throw in the towel and say I’m too dumb for Renpy Screens so I’ll just revert back to classic imagemaps so I can finally get things done…

It’s been a nasty ride…



  1. Ren’Py screens confuse me just as much.

  2. You know, you could have – asked a question, or something.

    • RenPyTom, there’s only one thing I have to say to you… and it’s called… GTFO. For no apparent reason, really… no, wait I do in fact have one. Aren’t you the one who’s always ruining the other’s mood and hopes? Aren’t you the badass who dictates people what to do? Guess what? I got fucking sick of your attitude.

      No, I don’t want to start a holywar here. I’m just letting you know – there are people who HATE YOU FOR FUCKING MESSING WITH MUGEN’S WORK.

      • Jesus Christ.
        Pytom is a nice guy…

  3. the big boss is here..,

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