DJ Max Technika… Aren’t you supposed to be doing something important?…like your OELVN projects?…

March 28, 2011

Well um… yes indeed but at least hear me out… but first an image to attract your attention…

OK… so I’ve been into this rather obscure game called DJ Max technika lately. So you ask what exactly is this Game supposed to be?… Well, in a nutshell… it’s a music game where you poke and drag dots in synchronization with the music currently playing… Sounds easy enough… until you actually played it yourself. A bit daunting at first especially if you’re playing with other people watching… of course your natural tendency is to give them a good show… luckily I came prepared since I’ve been watching this thing on youtube on a CRT screen and actually poke the dots as the video goes (CRT is necessary since you don’t want to poke a hole in your LCD right)… When I say obscure I mean it can only be found in a few places… kinda understandable since the machine is quite expensive so only big arcade players can afford it like timezone. Be warned though, playing it will certainly drain your wallet since a single play costs Php28.00 but as long as you’re hanging on… you’ll most likely see it through the end…

So when did I started my obsession with this game… It was after I watched a movie with my family in Market-Market that I first noticed this rather unusual looking machine surrounded by students… then, that song played… it was frankly the most beautiful song I have ever heard since Let’s Groove Tonight… without hesitation I asked one of those students who are somewhat surprised to be approached by a rather sinister and suspicious looking individual and asked them what was the name of the song and the game… DJ max Technika they said and the song is oblivion…

Later that night I youtube it and there it was… I was listening to in in looped model to the point that I almost memorized it… which helped me a lot when I finally mustered the courage to humiliate myself and play it… in front of all these students and young people… surprisingly, I was actually doing quite well on “Oblivion” on my first try… only to be defeated the next round by the “I want you track”… now I took this loss personally… once I got home, I youtube it, memorized it and a few other songs then came back a week after… I finally finished a whole play with impressive results… Later, a rather senior looking college student complimented me and told me about “The Card” where you can save your progress… Now there are several things unique to this “Card” first, there are several designs to choose from… too bad I got this rather ugly looking card…

I was actually looking forward to getting an “oblivion” one or even the “I want you” one but what the heck… second, your progress is forwarded to their website for everyone to see (yeah! bragging purposes) and third, you can use your accumulated points to buy icons and plate and songs (too bad the icon selection is limited so I’m stuck with this emo girl in as my icon)

So will I tell my family about this?… Probably not… I may not look like it but I’m one of those really conservative people who has so far avoided facebook, using mobile phone only to call (not text) still paranoid about my true identity being revealed online and for most people who personally know me had this all-work-no-play perception of me… Lol! If only you know that I hid my PS3 in my office, I had a PSP in my drawer and another PSP hidden somewhere in the house… although I schedule weekends (specifically saturdays for arcade hoping trips where I get to pummel people (or me get pummeled) in Tekken 6… now I have something to look forward to…

Illustrated above is the amount of driving I have to make just to play DJ Max Technika. Although there is a machine nearby, I’d rather play in a rather secluded place for my own good and safety…

I’m quite certain that in the near future I’ll find myself sneaking out of the mountain of paperworks I need to attend to just to drive all the way to Market Market to play DJ max… Lol!…

Whew! This is rather long post… Gotta go for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Pfui, you’re not a middle aged guy. :/

    You’re a blooming flower, WTF.

  2. Ahh, I wish we had a Technika machine here. There are a bunch in Asian countries and some on the West Coast but I think the only one on my side of the continent is in NYC. It’s an amazing game anyway, I got to try it once.

  3. I have been playing this on the PSP but the arcade machine is a DIFFERENT BEAST. I breezed Oblivion too on my first try because it was my favorite as well as Ask to Wind and another song featuring and alien and a girl. I got beaten at the third song. I am 32 years old and I play this game at the arcades. It is rather embarassing to feel eyes on me as I play this but finishing stages at S rank builds up confidence. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  4. I forgot to mention that the third song was In My Heart. I breezed that game on the PSP but I was unprepared for Technika 2 pattern. There is no 1x to 5x function on the technika to adjust the speed of notes so getting used to the tempo as well as using two hands is a must.

  5. Hi, i don’t know how to say this…after hours of looking for dj max technika 1 ic cards i finally found something…i’m a huge fan of dj max technika and i’m looking for technika ic cards like the one is on your blog …i’m from Perú and unfortunately there’s only one machine here and i can’t find ic cards to play…i was wondering if you are considering selling your card…i will really apreciate it…i hope you read this message, greetings from Perú!!

    • The problem is… unused Technica 1 cards are so rare here since the only chain that sells them stopped selling them when Technica 2 came out (it’s already Technica 3 here) and even if you managed to get a Technica 1 card, chances are it will most likely be offline (It’s already Technica 3) so getting a Technica 1 will be useless since you won’t be able to save your progress… (You need two things… an active server to save your progress and an active internet connection in your machine) The card just acts as an ID to access your progress stored in their database…

  6. Hey, thank you very much for answering, i’m completely aware that it’s almost useless because pentavision don’t suport the servers anymore and all, but just one person here has the ic card and it’s enough to keep his record on the machine even if it’s offline…i thought that i could beat his records so i decided to look for one card…but it seems that is harder than i thought. Well thank you very much again for answering man i apreciate that… 🙂

  7. Well, the image really captured my attention on Google Images. haha.

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