Ewe of the Falklands… I don’t know… just read on…

May 2, 2011

OK so what do we have here…

Ewe of the Falklands is TerrorBull Game’s FIRST EVER COMPUTER GAME! Yeeeeaaah! It’s also embarrassingly shit. But please don’t let that put you off. Ewe of the Falklands is a choose-your-own-adventure type game about the Falklands War from the point of view of a pacifist sheep. Rather predictably, it ended up being about the futility of war. But more than that, it is about the futility of being a sheep trying to stop that war.

Or so they say but for a first time game… this sure looked slightly umm… more than your average Renpy VN… and definitely more than enough to get my interests… which is not really easily stirred unless you have something interesting… whatever, let’s see what we have here…

OK so graphics is NOT really that great… in fact, it was sub par almost borderline newgrounds crap… but!… I have a feeling in my gut that this was intentional to increase audience impact… there’s something really funny about the way the put all the graphical resources… I mean it was just your standard downloaded from the net image, photochopped to hell and back and yet, it had this personality to it that wants to scream at you, make you laugh… The black and white overall tone is probably also for audience impact and perhaps for technical reasons to make individual graphical components work seamlessly with each other. Not to mention the minute animations thrown here and there ranges from funny to borderline creepy… Oh and, they didn’t bother to customize the GUI and used one of Renpy’s default theme… which is not really much of a problem as long as it gets the job done.

Now this is where everything comes to life. It’s one of those “the hell was the writer thinking?” or on the other end of the spectrum “damn! he’s a genius, why didn’t I think of this?” So it’s basically a story about a common SHEEP… A PACIFIST ONE to be exact caught in the middle of the Falkland War… and you set out to try and stop it… Remember, you are a sheep. This alone is a great plot starter and as the story went by you’ll find yourself in rather unexpected situations and scenarios and although they will generally make you smirk intentionally or unconsciously, it really does help a lot and increase the humor if you happen to know some background info on the Falkland war that happened in the 80’s…

What music!?… there isn’t any!… really… but it does have some rather well chosen well timed SFX that might caught you off-guard the first time you hear it.

Well… there really isn’t much to say here other than to play this one. This is a standard VN where your choices will affect the flow of the story and we really can’t discuss it here further without spoiling the plot.

Well… there are times that a few animations end up being broken or not synchronized with the audio SFX but that’s understandable for this is their first ever computer game and I assume was put together in a hurry or something and can generally be overlooked.

Anyway, I recommend this game to people at least 13 years old and above but preferably older audience for the nature of the Cheesy Humor to be effective, this VN requires some understanding and maturity threshold. Also, it helps if you already know something about the Falkland Wars.


This is one of those so called rare GEM of a game you can find as long as you overlooked the cover and I highly recommend it!

You can download them HERE!

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Looks very intriguingly. I want to read and probably… translate it.

  2. Hey Uncle Mugen- thanks so much for the wonderful and kind review of our game. I wish I could make the excuse that it was made in a hurry, but it took several days to finish. But honestly it was our first stab at doing a VN and using ren’py, so let’s hope for everyone’s sake that next time round things will be a little slicker.

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