Wow… that’s alot of words…

May 26, 2011

Image unrelated and irrelevant… just to get your attention…

So a few of my umm… fans might be wondering… why is Uncle Mugen silent lately and what the hell is he up to now?… Rest assured I’m very much alive and kicking and still actively doing me OELVN projects… just been very busy lately… Anyway… Let’s start with this…


The game contains 4550 screens of dialogue. These screens contain a total of 36,260 words, for an average of 7.0 words per screen. The game contains 15 menus.

Wow! I said to myself… I didn’t know I already got his many! Why… then I almost forgot it’s actually three existing projects rolled into one… no wonder it got so many words…

So not much to show on the graphical side… most of work I have done goes under the hood like little bits of renpy screen based stuff here and there while trying to figure out how to get a different (working) dialogue box for different characters (or POV’s)

(I must resist temptation to post teasers)

In other news… MONELE IS OUT OF WORK! BACK!!! WOHOO!!! WELCOME BACK MY OLD FRIEND!!! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you!… You should drop by Lemmasoft more often!!! I sure wish some of the old timers come back.

DEJI!?… Where are you?… The fuzz should be down by now… you could come out now… OELVN scene is not complete without DEJI…

I almost forgot… where the hell is MIKAN? 

Whatever,  I just feel like talking… gotta go for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Omg, it’s three times as much as Viper V-16 novel, or comparable with Planetarian.
    Very, very nice. Uncle Mugen’s sense of humor + a lot of words = epic win.

  2. >(I must resist temptation to post teasers)
    Hey, look, I’ve fixed your teaser. :3

  3. lol

  4. Nice fix, sir.

  5. That’s almost as much as my current .357 magnum. Gratz. Btw, whatever happened to that story of mine that you were going to make into an OELVN?

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