Wind Turbine-Chan?…

May 30, 2011

It all started here… in that thread in /a/

This is TURBINE-CHAN… initially a byproduct of another boring Sunday afternoon…

As you can see in the link… it was originally intended as a Saten thread but knowing 4chan’s /a/… the thread was derailed and shifted to, well…. the wind turbine in Saten’s background.

The usual /a/ residents as expected claimed the Wind Turbine as their waifu (click here to learn more about this Waifu thing)…

Interestingly enough, the thread was not only derailed in favor of “Turbine-Chan” but also included an almost heated (and surprisingly informative) debate about the advantages, disadvantages other concerns about Geothermal, Thorium and other energy sources.

Me being really bored and lack motivation to work on my OELVN projects since it’s humid that day decided to jump in and join the fun by sketching a “Turbine-Chan” waifu material… it’s not that great of a sketch… just one of my so called draw and forget pieces…

The Rough Sketch 

What really surprised me is that a few hours later… someone that goes by the name Notso “ACTUALLY COLORED and CLEANED” the rough sketch I made…

The colored and cleaned rough sketch 

Now things are really starting to get interesting… so I go back to my drawing board (no Cintiq here… it’s in my office) and redraw a more detailed TURBINE CHAN…

Later, I realized how exploitable this drawing was and turned it into a sprite…

And I suddenly found myself doing Renpy mockups of a rather rudimentary story featuring well… TURBINE CHAN using placeholder graphics from my other project… the ideas came flowing problem is… I have no way of connecting them in one continuous flow (since I suck as a writer)

Anyway… let’s see where this will lead me…



  1. The real art is the ability to combine uncombineable things together. ^_^

    Obviously, she has a potential. A hint: you can make her into a side-character in the fictional world (i.e. imagination) of some of the characters of your current OELVN “3 in 1” project.

  2. The last picture is made of total WIN. XD

  3. Haha, that shit was pretty funny.

  4. dvd jap…

    […]Wind Turbine-Chan?… « Studio Mugenjohncel[…]…

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