Moral Lesson: Don’t judge a tool until you have tried it yourself… you might be in for a surprise… especially a CDR-King product

September 24, 2011

Now to get your attention. What you see below is the result of an unplanned one hour of sketching using a really REALLY cheap CDR-King Tablet.

A long time ago, I was having a conversation with a Lemmasoft forum member named LordcloudX. During that conversation I am hell bent on winning my argument that CDR-King products are CRAP!… In case you didn’t know… CDR-King is one of the largest retailer of Computer parts and accessories in the Philippines. Their products had some of the LOWEST prices in the market made possible by cheap re-branded Chinese imports… and they also break easily… I know very well for I have tried their routers… none of them lasted longer than 6 months.

Earlier today, I visited a long time friend from when I was still working as a freehand illustrator since his house happened to be along my planned route. So we chat a bit and learned that like me… he too retired from being a graphic artist. He is now working for Telus as a Callcenter agent to support his now growing family. Of course, once an artist, always an artist and the same can be said for both of us. I still draw during my spare time and so is he… but the real highlight of this visit is that GOD DAMN CDR-KING TABLET sitting in front of his computer… so I looked at him dead straight and asked him… why CDR-King?… Those things are cheap crap and breaks easily… He answered “It’s Cheap”

Now it’s one of those unwritten rule that when it comes to tablets you’ve got to have WACOM. Wacom is simply the best and in my case, I made effort to acquire a refurbished Cintiq and like every Cintiq user has to say… you’ll never EVER wanna use another tablet other than CINTIQ… so here is a cheap Php1380.00 (US$31.56) tablet with it’s large CDR-King logo staring at me, mocking me, challenging me, enticing me to try it. Modesty tossed aside, I am quite confident in my drawing skills and my curiosity got the better of me… I’m so curious how this crap will perform in the hands of someone like me. So I asked my good old friend to fire up his PC so I can test drive his CDR-King Tablet.

While I was drawing, I found out that the pen needed a battery to properly operate…pfft… but as I started my first stroke I was surprised at how accurate CDR-King tablet is. It’s so accurate, it’s so smooth, it performs just like an Intuos… probably even better… Now before I sing CDR-King praises… I have to tell that maybe I was in a rather good mood for drawing that day and may be a factor but damn… if you removed this ugly CDR-King Logo… I probably won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a Wacom. About 10 minutes I was happy at the results of the initial sketch that I proceeded to ink it and eventually color it. The end result is so nice I copied it into my USB drive to brag about it here and in my blog…

So there you have it… I still don’t trust CDR-King too much especially every time I recall my routers but damn… maybe if they sell more products like this who knows… maybe I too will start coming back to their stores and maybe even get myself one of these.

OK Cloud… you can go ahead and sing that “I was right and you were wrong song…” time to give CDR-King some Thumbs Up…

“POOF” (Disappears)

Edit: Wow!… I didn’t know those things are selling like hotcakes… the two CDR-Kings I went to were all sold out…


  1. > I am quite confident in my drawing skills
    but all your drawings are cheap-looking anime shit :/

    • Lol!… True enough but look into the bright side… at least I draw fast, instant gratification…

    • dude! what the hell! FUCK YOU!

  2. Can’t be as cheap (or bad) as my “digipad pad-A4” tablet, only $20 canadian but then again anyone with chronically shaky hands like me was never meant to be an artist.

    • Hi, I’m curious about the DigiPad PAD-A4? I’ve read about it and curious on how it works. Do you mind giving a graphic description of how the item works? And also, if you happen to live in the Philippines, where is it available?ziadadis@yahoo.com

  3. Dude, I have the very same cheap tablet that you have just described in this post. Considering all the things we buy in CDR-King goes broke in less than three months (I’m looking at you, CDR-King Headphone. You keep betraying the family again and again…), the tablet’s the only thing that’s has survived for more than a year now (bought it around around September of last year).
    But we’re not considering buying at CDR-King anymore; the headphones they sell keeps dying on us.

  4. please, teach me draw. I draw but i want your tips.

    You know rpg maker and easy rpg? And you know M.u.g.e.n. engine made in phillipines by elecbyte?

    contact me:


  5. On an unrelated note: I sent you a mail about AO and gradients in BGs. You should really fix your Contact link on this site…

  6. i’m interested in pen tablet cdr-king with his reasonable price for a beginner, starting to learn using this kind of tool in drawing.

    For now, i save your site as part of my tutorial lesson here. Thank you for information like this about your insite with such products.
    Looking forward more updates

  7. I’m a noob in digital art. And I don’t really have the budget for a Wacom (I really want one), so I’m looking for cheaper alternatives. I was considering to buy the Genius i405, but it’s so hard to find here in my location. So… maybe try CD-R King drawing tablet?

    • Well… I’ve been a Wacom user for years (actually more than a decade) and pretty much used or tried every single Wacom product out there (except for the Cintiq Touch) I only used the CDR King tablet once but as far as I can tell it can hold on it’s own against industry standard brands which is kinda surprising since most CDR King products are not known for quality so this tablet may in fact one of the few CDR King or most likely the only product I can highly recommend… for now. I was like… “Are you sure this is CDR King!?… Because it does act and feel like Wacom”. Though I’ve been hearing reports that the Tablet is sensitive to interference to WiFi… I haven’t confirmed it yet but that shouldn’t be a problem if you just move the router. The replacement pen is also quite cheap but it does use batteries so if you are accustomed to Wacoms… you’ll initially have problem coordinating your hand due to the added weight of the battery at the top end…

      Long story short… yes, go ahead and buy a CDR King Tablet… it’s quite good despite the CDR King brand but if you can save some money jump straight to Wacom… but if you are gonna buy a tablet, please buy the large ones…

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your tips! I didn’t expect for you to reply so fast (’cause others don’t). =)

  8. may i know what it looks like?

  9. Hey there, thanks for this wonderful review. I would just like to ask whether this tablet works in CS 6 and Corel Draw x6? I really want to try my hands in creating a painted look effect while photomanipulating and people suggested to buy a tablet so I can achieve the desired effect.

    Thanks so much!

    • im a cdr-king user for almost 3 yrs now. and no it doesn’t support CS 6 and higher versions of photoshop.
      the only supported versions of cdr-king is CS 5 and CS 4
      and i doubt that they will ever make an updated driver to support it.

  10. I’ve been planning to get one also but I’m still unsure if its worth to buy one. I used to buy cd-r king headphones also because its cheap but they never last even for a year hahaha.

    • Maybe you could look into Huion tablets (depending on your OS as well, Linux support is a bit meh).
      Frenden reviews some of them here: http://frenden.com/post/60704895108/huion-h610-k58-and-w58-tablet-review-round-up

      These are also not too expensive (certainly much less expensive than a Wacom tablet) and I’ve not heard people complaining about them breaking easily.

      I’ve also heard some people really like Ugee tablets.

  11. Gud eve! Im choosing between genius and cdrking since these are the only brands.ican afford…which is better?

  12. is this compatible with windows 8?

  13. Cdrking is fine you just have to take care of it like rly and dont treat it like shit

  14. Where can I buy one?

  15. duuude i need to know what kind of wacom cintiq you bought because we’re in the same country so please tell me…my hands depends on it! and also my interest in art. please and thanks

    • G’day

      During the time I made this blog-post, I’m using the Cintiq 21ux which I’ve already given away after I acquired the 13HD. I’m now using the Cintiq Companion 2 which also serves as both my primary drawing Tablet and Laptop and uh… battery life sucks…

      I don’t recommend the Cintiq Companion 2 since it’s ridiculously expensive and the only reason I purchased one is because I’m currently Hospitalized and cannot bring too much clutter with me. In case you’re interested in buying a Cintiq (or any Wacom products) I highly recommend (and insist) you buy them here…

      Ynzal Marketing Corp.
      Scout Rallos, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
      Phone: (02) 373 2232
      http://www.ynzal.com ( < Sometimes does not work)

      Don't even bother at Lazada or any other online retailers… Ynzal Marketing is the best (and cheapest) place to go for Wacom products in case you are in the Philippines.

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