Finally! An updated tutorial on how to create beautiful background graphics for use in Visual Novels or OELVN using Google Sketchup and Photoshop

October 22, 2011

Finally! An updated tutorial on how to create beautiful background graphics for use in Visual Novels or OELVN using Sketchup and Photoshop! Perfect for people like me who are untalented in drawing backgrounds. I finally managed to streamline the process enough to create a tutorial so I can share my technique. With this, it is now one step closer to that quick, cheap and beautiful background graphics that are inaccessible for us mere mortals…

Or you can view the video tutorial [HERE] in fullscreen. I recommend viewing it in 720p for maximum clarity.

With this now all of our backgrounds will look the same… Lol!


  • This tutorial is perfect for outdoor shots but not applicable for inside shots especially rooms with limited light. I’ll do a tutorial on that soon…
  • While I used SU Podium Renderer on this tutorial… it is expensive and can be replaced by any other renderer ( there are several freeware renderers available) as long as it has the option to render in clay mode (textureless). One good example is Kerkythea [ www.kerkythea.net/joomla/ ] and IDX Renditioner Free Edition [ www.imsidesign.com/Products/Renditioner/RenditionerExpressv2/tabid/1904/Default.aspx ]
  • Sketchup is a 32 bit application (Seriously why?) so even if you have monster memory you’ll still hit the ceiling sooner or later so be careful and not to put too much load on the scene.

Thanks to Sake-Chan (Sake Bento) for lending her beautiful voice and little_misere for the Lucy sprite…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. where did you find that girl, nigger?

  2. So do we have to use SketchupPro or will the SketchUp normal work?

    • In this tutorial I used Sketchup Pro but Free can also be used since the two really didn’t have much of a difference except for the ability to export to other 3D formats which is not necessary for this tutorial…

      • Ah, okay, thanks. I have to invest more time into these things, because bcgs are usually the most unrewarding, yet needed things in vns…

      • also, forgot to say that your voice if fucking hilarious! awesome tutorial

  3. You’re voice is the same of pigmy king in “Flight of the Amazon Queen” (an old ADV for DOS).
    TNX for tutorial.

  4. Nice tutorial, you sound a bit like a porn actor with the yessss’s… just kidding :p
    Loved the “preferably photoshoped to hell and back” about the trees comment, made me giggle xD

  5. Hello Uncle Mugen,

    My friend and I are doing a visual novel and we’re planning to sell it. Will it be okay for us to use Google 3D models for the backgrounds? I mean won’t we have problems regarding copyright infringement or stuff like that?

    • Good Day,

      Apologies for the late reply… I’ve been very busy lately…

      Anyway, while the 3D warehouse ToS (Terms of Service) indicate that you may do so… it would be much safer to either create your own content from scratch or download a few objects and modify it a bit to suit your needs to prevent ethical backlash. In my case, you may use the objects from my collection for whatever purpose it may serve you best. You can think of it as Fonts… you cannot use a specific commercial font (example: Myriad Pro) without the consent of the copyright owner but you can certainly use a raster (Image Version) of the same font in any way you want… Same thing with Google Sketchup Models… if you are going to use them as raster or basis or elements in your background then there is no problem but if you are going to use the same object as it is 3D object (example: A spaceship or a tank) for your game… while 3D warehouse allows you to do so, there might be some backlash when the original creator of the model somewhat complains about it.

      Long story short, it is OK to use Google Sketchup models in your project.

  6. […] you the link for the guide, and who is using this type of method in creating background, Click this Link for the […]

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