October 29, 2011

Old Kitchen BG for Sepia Tears

So let’s see… I got a chance to skim back to the previous BG’s I’ve made before I’ve used those renderers and Jeepers!… they actually look uh… horrible…

New and Improved Kitchen BG for Sepia Tears

I now feel bad for making them… I shall now do corrective measures and remake them starting with this kitchen…

Also, I’ve noticed that lately… I’ve been putting too much emphasis on speed, speed and more speed to get BG’s done that I’ve overlooked quality like in this example below I made for DarkSpartan (aka KageSpartan)

While it certainly looked kinda good you for something done so quickly… it pales in comparison when put together with the remake using the same model but this time using a different renderer and spent an additional hour or two to fine tune things and add some additional detailing…

I don’t know… what do you think?…


  1. I personally like the first one for Sepia tears better, it doesn’t look gloomy to me. The second one, however, has way too saturated colours which hide the lines on stuff like the kitchen cupboards. I’d also avoid using too many textures like the ones you used on the kitchen counter or bullettin board as they strike a way too big contrast with the flatness of most of the other surfaces (while the one on the floor still works well because it’s got a more delicate quality to it).
    The second one for KageSpartan is certainly an improvement: I like how the walls aren’t so yellowy any more and the scenery outside the window pans more in the distance.

  2. Big improvements, especially on the second picture for KageSpartan. You are a very talented artist and looking back at previous work it’s interesting to see how much you have improved.

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