After 3 months… finally, a post…

February 10, 2012

OK, so I finished and released a game called Ren’py Date Simulator Engine last December 4 as promised…

NOTE: Hold down SHIFT KEY (windows only) while the game starts
to switch to Software Mode in case of difficulty running the game…

121 MB

114 MB

117 MB

So you asked… Why am I not bitching about it like I usually do?… especially given the fact that I happen to be one of the biggest attention-whore on this side of the planet?

Well… despite it somewhat turned OK… let’s just say I’m… not… quite… satisfied… with the result. I mean… it was December meaning countless Christmas Parties, Courtesy Visits, More Unlimited Paperworks, Year End Obligations and so forth… I have no choice but to rush things, cut corners and pull every time-saving tricks I got in my arsenal just to make release possible… because I know deep down inside if I didn’t release it in time I’ll probably end up delaying it considerable or even not release it at all due to burnout and other factors…

Anyway… I’m restarting the project and this time… NO MORE CUTTING CORNERS!

The Backgrounds will feature more electrical distribution posts, more detail and so forth. I’ll also take advantage of the new preset I accidentally found inside my usual renderer which produced the later BG (Seriously… why didn’t I found this before… it was like under my nose all this time…)

The sprites will also get an overhaul now featuring randomly appearing alternate uniforms (and ponytail)

Another reason to restart this project is I failed to realize the fact that not everyone has a computer powerful enough to run the game fluidly at full resolution so I’m reducing the size to 720 x 405 ( I knew putting a 1280 x 720 mpeg video was a bad idea… ) and will also include the content that didn’t make it last release…

Oh well… I talk too much lately…

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Please, please, please do not release it in 720×405. ;_; I have a hard enough reading 800×600 on my computer. I’m pretty sure that the end result would be either not being able to read it or blowing it up in fullscreen so it looks absolutely hideous.

  2. wow! nice one! I’ll download it right now! 😀
    judging from the screenshots on http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?p=170828#p170828
    it might turn out to be somewhat good. :3

  3. tangina ko!

  4. Well,.. I think there is no actual difference between trees or poles. It feels like there would be no many changes if you replace all poles by trees. But when you use both of them, background seems more interesting. x)

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