Want a great way to make your urban scene look more urban for use in your Visual Novel project?… Just add a bunch of pedestrian overpass here and there…

March 5, 2012

As the title says… this is a bg-cg for the Visual Novel project DSE and features several typical pedestrian overpass bridges. Where I came from, these pedestrian bridges are a common sight though I still wonder why so many of my fellow filipinos are stubborn to use them and instead jaywalk most of the time putting themselves and others at risk… but that’s part of being a filipino and I don’t expect me and my countrymen to change anytime soon… (now I feel genuine sympathy for the men and women of MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) who are just doing their jobs improving our urban lives through discipline)

Ehem… anyway… I Uncle Mugen will not hoard this precious resource to myself and will share to you this somewhat detailed pedestrian overpass in case you needed one for your Google Sketchup derived BG-CG’s for use in your OELVN (Visual Novel) projects…

You can get it here…

That’s all for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


One comment

  1. a fellow filipino replies…

    nakakapagod umakyat eh

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