World of Tanks NA-Server “AMAZING Luchs Run”… 11 Kills!

March 12, 2012

This post is non-OELVN or VN project related… I just have to brag about this… I can’t resist… Lol!

Anyway, this is from the game World of Tanks… it is an online game where you use tanks to kill each other…

Using my favorite tank the German “Luchs”… Most people frown this tank which is understandable since the Luchs is ridiculously crappy when stock but once you got every part upgraded and manned by a fully trained crew with complete set of skills supported by performance enhancing modules… the Luchs is a Noob Killer… while the rewards playing in low tier games is pretty much limited, the fast paced action is more than enough to keep me coming back for more since it’s normally campfest in high tier games…

Now if only the World of Tanks devs will implement landmines… it would be lulzy everywhere with tracks flying here and there and my life will be complete… Lol!

Oh well…

“POOF” (Disappears)


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