DSE Plus – The Game… progress?…

April 24, 2012

Hello!… It is me Uncle Mugen again… it’s been a while… I’ve been really busy lately… as in REALLY busy but that doesn’t mean the project is stalled… oh no… it’s been much more active during the past weeks so you ask…

Why aren’t you bitching about it like you usually do?

Well… most of the work done was on the script side… (I mean, who wants to see a wall of text?) Most of the work is specifically the Side Story focused on the Glasses Girl… and I tell you, her side story turned out way WAY larger than the actual DSE game… it can already be regarded as a stand alone VN by itself but that’s not what I’m planning to do…

Oh… Graphical updates…

Once again… I am tempted to replace the sprite with an improved version for… who knows how many times but this latest incarnation blows everything I made previously out of the water… it is that good. Also notice the different headgear she is wearing… yes, she will have randomly appearing headgear to put some variety…

I saw this behavior in some Japanese Eroge I can’t recall and I kinda liked fading background during interaction and how it made the character the focal point so I desided to immitate the said behaviour. The animated neutral sprite you see  is a 24 frame animation of the glasses girl made possible via Adobe Photoshop puppet tool which is my pale attempt at mimicking the Motion Portrait system used in the Game White Album. Please watch in highest resolution for best viewing…. no audio…. (OK I admit, her animation is kinda creepy)

u "Oho! I see both of you are now awake."
u "Breakfast is ready my little bitches... dig in!"
s "Whoa! Hash Browns, Hotdogs and Eggs."
u "Don't worry... they're still safe to eat..."
g "Safe to... eat?... Uncle, could you elaborate a bit?"
u "Well... the store across the street put those out."
u "At highly discounted prices last night..."
u "Since they're just 2 days away from their expiration date."
s "......"

And of course… the writing… it is biggest challenge because you are now looking through Glasses Girl’s POV and she definitely had more interaction and some of them are kinda intimate and during the whole time… I must not reveal her identity… or the identity of any person she interacts. In fact… no one in this game will be named… except for me Uncle Mugen.

Another problem I have to overcome is my not so good English. So far I have been helped by Tokiko from /bun/ and Minty who I met at the vn-devs IRC channel… they are very good in English… my writing never looked better after being proofreaded by them and I am very grateful to them and hopefully will get chance to work with them again for the remainder of the script…

Right now, the script is very much complete but still needs some polishing and while being polished I am now doing placeholder art so I can visualize how it will look when it is finished.

The GUI also get some major makeover but the bottle of bleach stays. Bleach is good if you want to go to the fabled land of Gensokyo… Lol!

The Backgrounds are already the best looking I can do under reasonable amount of time and effort and if I push it a bit harder it won’t be worth it since I’m doing this for free.

Now there will be some problems ahead and some compromises to be made. One of the main problems for this project is the voice-over… In the original DSE, Sake-Chan (Sake Bento) lend her voice and give the characters live… I tell you, she is perhaps one of the best Voice Actress I heard in English Language… it will be very hard to find someone like her. Unfortunately, the new DSE Plus will have some really explicit language and swearing and of course Sake Chan doesn’t do swearing characters and we respect her decision so her voice will remain on the Clean DSE while the DSE Plus part will be unvoiced… I could call out for help in the recruitment section of the forums but as I have said… Sake Chan is one of the best and it will be very very difficult to find someone who can come close to her talent… I’ll deal with this problem later.

Another thing is I really wanted to give this work an OP movie like the one in the Japanese VN’s with nice graphics and nice music and someone singing. The first two can be handled but as for the singing part… I’ll have no choice but to do the singing… Yes, I will be the one singing… It will be good!

And now for something… Unrelated… 

Hmm… I dunno what to think about this but might as well do good on my promise to bitch about this… I usually let things like this slide under the bridge and get it over with like the spamming of hate mails and flooding my inbox with gay porn or any of those KS devs talking behind my back… but not this time… for you have been constantly doing this to me for some time in every channel where you and I happen to cross paths while taking every damn insult you toss at me… might as well bitch back about it eh?…

So I was chatting with the guys at vn-devs and DOOMFEST (the artist for Juniper’s Knot) invited me to join their channel… of course, being naive I came in Good Faith perhaps maybe to discuss a bit of VN’s here and there but what do I get?…

An instant Ban for no apparent reason… While as an artist I respect you and your godly amount of talent, something a mere mortal like me can only dream about but as a person you certainly are a jerk… I’m pretty much insulted by what you did but of course knowing how high and mighty you are now due to your new found fame which probably inflated your ego a bit too wide… I’m not expecting any apologies from you… I mean, you are Doomfest while I’m just a lowly Uncle Mugen, the scum of the internet who cannot even speak or write fluent English!…

I certainly don’t know if you really are a jerk or simply being a jerk on me… If you are… I don’t know the reason and I do not want to know because it will not be in my best interest. If you find this amusing then good for you… I am very grateful that I made your day Sir… Please Enjoy…


“POOF” (It was such a long night)


  1. What a shamfur dispray Mugen, commit Sudoku.

    • …Sudoku?

      • The kind of suicide for people who can’t finish a sudoku puzzle…? Also Mugen, ignore the stupid trolling of those ‘mightier than thou’. Not worth your time :).

  2. Don’t worry Mugen, we’re rooting on you. Keep drawing and one day you can be as Godly as Doom or whatever his name is… Better artists than him have nicer attitudes… DA and Pixiv have so many awesome artists but a lot of them are cool people and not crappy little shit like that guy.

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