Parallax in Ren’py?… and other news tidbits…

May 20, 2012

Going to make an effort to post more from now on… or at least as much as my really tight schedule permits me…

OK where were we?… While trying to achieve something else by stealing err… I mean borrowing a few codes from here and there I accidentally noticed an odd skewered image that is meant to be a square and realized that I can actually control the amount of skewing which can be potentially be used to create a sort of Parallax in Ren’py… though I’m still trying to figure out what kind of mess I got myself this time… NO I’m not sharing this code YET since I’m still trying to figure this out myself… also, precision is a hit or miss… took me 4 hours to edit the values to match the door above with the skewing of the image below to give the impression of parallax…

I tell you I am so excited that I actually threw every scheduled task I have out of the window and spent the rest of daylight hours focused on this (Sorry DarkSpartan)… as far as I can tell… no one has ever done a Ren’py game that utilizes Parallax… with this I might even become famous in the Ren’py community!… Oh yeah!…. but first, I have to figure out what and how in the world did I come up with this thing I just mashed up from other peoples code in my lame attempt to imitate AliceSofts flip-flop image technique…

In other OELVN related news… I accidentally stumbled on a video play-through of my NaNoRenO entry MARIJUANA The Truth… Lol…

And FINALLY… on a really unrelated to VN news… I finally unlocked the E-100 Tier X Heavy Tank in World of Tanks… officially ending my EXP grind to the top! Thanks to AfrikaKorpsSoldat for staying with me during the final hours before unlocking the E-100… it was a blast trolling everyone there… Lol! Now I just needed to grind for credits…

That’s it for now… I got a couple of other news tidbits but let’s save them for later…

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