And now a bit of teaser… Lol!…

June 5, 2012

OK so you probably am aware that I’m working on this which is a remake of the original DSE last December that I admit I kinda rushed just to have the excuse of having released in the year 2011. And although it kinda turned out fine I still feel it could have been more better if only I put additional few months worth of extra effort. Fast forward today… I have not only drastically improved the overall look and feel of the project but actually added more content… not gonna talk about it too much but here’s a teaser… Lol!…


  1. As unrelated as this reads: stalker girls will now forever remind me of Durarara. Here’s hoping you’ll definitely go for a public release. 🙂

    • Do not worry… this one is and will definitely be a public release… (I actually have to Google to see who is this Durarara you talk about… Lol)

      • Durarara is a masterpiece. 😀 If you have a Crunchyroll subscription you can see the whole thing in its beauty! (Or if you read Japanese you could acquire the original light novels…)

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