Hammer… nearly 3 years and still unreleased despite being “almost” complete back then simply because I forgot… Lol!

June 28, 2012

Well… not really 3 years… Lol!… but it all started here in this THREAD I made in /jp/ inviting people to submit their really short story and I’ll make a VN out of it while properly crediting them. A few posts later I got THIS reply… the story is good and everything that I made it within two weeks… yes, you heard it correctly… two weeks.

Anyway, this is Hammer… a VN about a little girl, a lonely guy and… a hammer.

So you ask, why didn’t you release it back then?… You see, 2009 was a time when Renpy leapfrogged in terms of features which I wanted to implement and of course Ren’py kept getting better and better while I on the other hand excited about all the new neat features back then that I wanted to try out that I slowly forgot that I have a complete VN sitting here in my HD waiting to be released… not to mention I can no longer contact the original author.

Fast forward nearly 3 years later… here I am again about to release Hammer with updated graphics (still a few missing pieces though) and GUI and everything compliant to the latest Ren’py release… hopefully I don’t get distracted this time and forget about this… Lol!… Of course the original Author will be credited…

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  1. Congratulations! Reviving old projects is hard.


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