Sepia Tears… why can’t I draw snow?…

July 3, 2012


OK so I know I’m supposed to be in Radio Silence mode to conceal all my secret plans for the upcoming months but I have no choice but to temporarily lift Radio Silence to address one very critical flaw I have…

I cannot draw snow… properly… no seriously… I know it’s funny but this is a rather serious problem which currently delays the project and must be addressed… I already identified this problem 2 years ago and it’s still here tormenting me…

So part of my plans for the coming months is to finally push and finish the BG’s for Sepia Tears in which I am tasked to do BG’s for it… easy enough right?… No it’s not… at least not for me… modeling is easy… just download a model from google sketchup or model one from scratch, render and post process and it’s done right?… and then comes the snow…

There is no shortcuts to adding snow into the BG other than drawing it manually… which resulted in this…

I don’t know about you but I personally think this is horrendous… I can’t possibly give this to Eternal, Choux, lelangir and AfroSquirrel who probably did their best… I mean, it’s been two years and my techniques has improved drastically as shown below.

OK so I still have my edge when it comes to doing BG’s… I know this is a personal problem which probably has something to do with me being a tropical man but every time I attempt to draw snow, my mind just literally shuts down and goes into survival mode and reverts from “giving it my best” mindset to ” just get it over with so I won’t have to see this damn snow again“… I just can’t stand snow… I personally don’t hate it and I’ve seen and been in snow before in Korea but I just can’t get over this snow problem… it’s gotten so serious that I now have several models finished but haven’t rendered them simply because my hands don’t want to draw snow and even if I did draw snow chances are it will suck so bad that it’s getting the project delayed once again… I’m now thinking it’s high time to call for help from someone who can add snow in the BG… the idea is I’ll churn out the BG’s and pass the PSD file to whoever will add the snow…

I already opened this idea to the gang and awaiting their response before I go and post in the Lemmasoft section and beg for assistance…

Edit: Now that I think really hard about it… maybe I have this is some sort of mild phobia to snow which my body automatically act defensively and run away from it… I simply can’t stand looking at snow… the very reason why I didn’t watch both Kannon anime…


  1. Bu, my super long comment got eaten…

    • Sent it via mail, but I’m not sure whether you’d get it, since you never reply to mails. 😦

      • Err… I really tried looking hard but I didn’t find any of your comments even in the spam folder… you send it to “mugenjohncel@yahoo.com” right?…

      • Yup, that’s the e-mail address I sent it to, and Gmail just kept your address in my book, so I have no idea why it wouldn’t be anywhere…

      • Does that mean you never got a Lucy fanart from me either? ;_; I drew it with all my heart, when you were convalescent…

      • Can you give me your email address?… Also, it’s most likely accidentally blocked by a filter so can we use Lemmasoft PM for now since it’s kinda more reliable in this case (not to mention I receive average 100 emails a day… no seriously)

      • I sent you a note on dA: I don’t have an account on Lemmasoft any more, so I can’t send messages through their system. 🙂

        Hopefully you don’t get hundreds of notes as well!

  2. I think it would already help a lot if you made your snow less transparent and minded the shape of objects a little more (like the fence). Right now the snow seems a bit flat. I’m not sure what kind of snowy road you need, but here’s a very rough example of what I mean: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=x38y1w&s=6

  3. Let me know if you need snow expertise. I know snow (Canadian). I would be willing to do some snow sketches if you like.

    Photo ref: http://www.thecatsweb.com/copper/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=14

    The sun isn’t as bright in winter.
    If the location is far away from the equator, then the angle of the sun would be lower.
    Shadows aren’t as distinct because of light bouncing off of snow.
    The sky is greyer than normal (Not all the time, but a grey sky triggers the “It must be cold”)
    Leafy things become branchy things (or are wrapped up in burlap)
    Sewers and stuff sometimes have steam coming up from them (Specially if it is really cold)


    • Forgot: Icicles off of roof tops and overhangs.

      • Only if it was VERY cold would you see those. I thought he needed just a bit of snow.

    • Coppermine managed to change all the photo links on me, so the above links don’t work.

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