July 5, 2012

You read it right!!! FREE in-game OELVN advertisement!!!

My Arab friend here whose name I cannot even pronounce

OK so my Arab friend here whose name I cannot even pronounce is now offering FREE ad space to advertise your OELVN game, project or group in one of the more prominent BG’s in Sepia Tears for FREE!!! Yes true!!! No strings attached!!! This delicious BG will be displayed quite a lot and with different gorgeous angles… Mmm… so GOOD!!!… Anyway… All you need to do is submit your ad measuring 2000 pixels width and 2250 pixels height and we will hang it up there for everyone to see!!! Isn’t this offer Delicious!?… C’mon guys hurry up and bite! Limited slots only! Slot assignment based on submission time… the earlier, the better slot… even commercial games apply!!! :mrgreen: One ad placement per client only…

Thread is found HERE


One comment

  1. ugh, I only prepared 800×600 image…

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