A tiny update on what Uncle Mugen has been up to lately…

July 8, 2012

A BG from Sepia Tears that still lacks snow…

So far so good… Sepia Tears BG’s are being updated to HD at a rate of… 1 BG every two days… which is not really that impressive but the good news is we finally found someone who can draw snow. Allow me to introduce mefloraine who will be doing the not so glorious task of filling the BG’s with snow since unbelievable as it is… none of us can draw snow so she/he will be equally credited as a BG Artist like me… I’ve seen a sample of her snow and it is light years away from what I can accomplish…

A finished BG for Sepia Tears… with glorious snow outside…

This is actually more efficient since the time I spent on putting snow in the BG’s can be used instead to churn out more base BG’s and when I’m done with the base BG’s then I’ll help mefloraine in (gasp) putting snow in the BG’s to speed up process…

In other news but still slightly related to Sepia Tears

Overall view of Mall BG for Sepia Tears.

We made this call a few days ago offering FREE AD SPACE in-game specifically the commercial mall BG. Doing the mall is pretty much easy but we all know that commercial malls are filled to the brim with advertisements and all sorts of graphics. I could draw them manually but it will eat up a lot of time so the Genius in me got this great idea which is to offer to various OELVN makers in Lemmasoft FREE AD SPACE in the BG.

This move made it possible to hit several Angry birds with one stone. I get to concentrate on the Structure of the Mall and aesthetic improvements while the others will provide the needed Graphics to make the mall look like a mall while getting their Games/Groups or Projects exposure inside the game. It’s a Win-Win situation for everyone…

While there are other things going on behind the scenes like how I have this really top of the line MacPro which I can’t think of a way to use it and just sits here collecting dust because I still found myself doing nearly 99% of my OELVN activities using a PC/Laptop… we shall save them for later…

Uh Eternal?… Don’t you think it’s about high time you update the blog?

“POOF” (Disappears)


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