Uh oh… this is gonna hurt my productivity but…

July 13, 2012

Long story short:

Kirroha posted in the Lemmasoft thread on The Fucking Question asking for the unarchived version since the one hosted on megaupload went “POOF”… while I still have the unarchived version here pretty much intact… it’s been 4 years and the code is kinda outdated and having some compatibility issues with the latest Ren’py.

The Old and Outdated PaQmart for The Fucking Question in glorious 800×600 pixel

The straightforward thing to do is to simply update the code to comply with latest Ren’py but knowing me… here I am once again doing something masochistic and not only update the code but the graphical assets as well… (head to desk)… though it’s not really that bad. The Fucking Question only contains like 6 Non Photo BG’s and not much sprite which I can produce anytime now without worries… I’ll just have to be careful not to let this zap my momentum juice I needed for Sepia Tears… Lol!…

4 years is really a long time… my techniques is more streamline and much more better than it used to be…

Oh and I still have to finish this really crappy VN entry in the Lemmasoft most crappiest VN… Lol!

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Another remake, mugen? Why not just leave this one be?

    • Due to regrets… several misspellings here and there and forgot to include the hidden part… not to mention the current code is kinda outdated so needs some updating and while I’m at it might as well do some graphical upgrade.

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