Here comes… Banong! Taller, Darker and more Handsome than ever!!!

July 17, 2012

For a character whose only head will be shown, he does have a pretty detailed sprite.

Made some major changes to him… added more swag, more defined nose and eyes, larger afro and delicious pants…

A height chart comparing Banong against existing Studio Mugenjohncel characters…

Oh well… more to come…

“POOF” (Disappears)






  1. I like the new Banong. He’s like an alternative type of bishounen. I like him so much I may draw sessy fanart of him, ’cause he’s different.

    Looking at Uncle Mugen’s sprite: is he a moonlighting watermelon smuggler?

  2. When Boondocks making a episode about weeaboo, this guy should appear.

  3. wow, uncle mugen is fat o.o; …. . me surprised!

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