Let me sing the song of my people… or something picked at random… Lol~!

July 17, 2012



  1. (lol) I’ve been a long time (count it as years) fan/lurker/stal***, and this post has seriously tempted me to volunteer as Sylvie’s, Lucy’s, or even Banong’s voice over just for the lulz since I have the voice of a 12-year old girl. Operative word here is “tempted” ^^. Anyway, lookin’ forward to your TFQ v2

  2. Not sure if you are seriously looking for voice actors, but I could voice someone if you want. Male here (could also try doing a female). I’ve never tried it before, but what the hell, I’ve always wanted to voice act and this would be fun.

    BTW, I love this song. Thank you for murdering it deliciously. 😉

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